Spellman Hall Residence

Thomas Scirghi

Fr. Scirghi, Thomas
Rector, Associate Professor of Theology
Office: 718-817-3249
Email: scirghi@fordham.edu

Bentley Anderson

Fr. Anderson, Bentley
Associate Professor of African and African American Studies
Email: randerson13@fordham.edu

Hendra Asmara

Fr. Asmara, Alexander Dwi Hendra
Special Studies
Email: hendrasj@gmail.com

Fr. Jose I Badenes

Fr. Badenes, Jose I.
Semester I: Loyola Chair
Email: jbadenes@jesuits.org

Fr. Peter N. Bwanali

Fr. Bwanali, Peter N.
Professor of Philosophy
Email: pbwanali@fordham.edu

Fr. Martin L. Chase

Fr. Chase, Martin L.
Professor of English, Associate Managing Editor of Traditio, Resident Chaplain O’Hare Hall

Christopher Cullen

Fr. Cullen, Christopher M.
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Office: 212-636-7926
Email: ccullen@fordham.edu

Fr. John D. Cunningham

Fr. Cunningham, John D.
Professor of Physics
Email: jcunningham@jesuits.org

Fr. Leo Daly

Fr. Daly, Leo J.
Office for Alumni Relations
Email: ldaly2@fordham.edu

Fr. Christopher Devron

Fr. Devron, Christopher J.
President, Fordham Prep
Phone: 718-367-7500 ext. 200
Email: devronc@fordhamprep.org

Edward Dowling

Fr. Dowling, Edward T.
Professor of Economics
Phone: 718-817-4062
Email: dowlingsj@fordham.edu

Fr. George Drance

Fr. Drance, George W.
Artist in residence at Fordham University Lincoln Center
Artistic director Magis Theatre Company
Email: drance@fordham.edu

Fr. John Dzieglewicz

Fr. Dzieglewicz, John T.
Associate Dean of Fordham College at Rose Hill

Fr. Robert Grimes

Fr. Grimes, Robert R.
Dean of Fordham College at Lincoln Center
Phone: 212-636-6300

Fr. Daniel Gustafson

Mr. Gustafson, Daniel N.
2nd Year Regent
Teacher of Religious Studies at Fordham Prep
Email: dgustafson@jesuits.org


Fr. Horan, Brendan R.
Instructor of Political Science
Email: bhoran@jesuits.org

Fr. Aloysius Kelley

Fr. Kelley, Aloysius P.
Lecturer in Classical Languages, Resident Chaplain O'Hare Hall
Email: balkelley@fordham.edu

Joseph Koterski

Fr. Koterski, Joseph W.
Associate Professor of Philosophy, Editor of International Philosophical Quarterly; Master of Queen's Court
Office: Collins Hall 117
Phone: 718-817-3291
Email: koterski@fordham.edu

Fr. Joseph Lienhard

Fr. Lienhard, Joseph T.
Professor of Theology, Editor of Traditio
Phone: 718-817-3209/3133
Email: lienhard@fordham.edu

Fr. Daniel Mai

Fr. Mai, Dan T.
Assistant Professor of Sociology and Anthropology
Email: dmai@jesuits.org

Fr. David Marcotte

Fr. Marcotte, David P.
Assistant Professor of Psychology, Associate Director of Clinical Training

Fr. Francis McAloon

Fr. McAloon, Francis X
Associate Professor of Christian Spirituality and Ignatian Studies at GSRRE
Email: fmcaloon@fordham.edu

Fr. Michael McCarthy, Mission Integration and Planning VP

Fr. McCarthy, Michael C.
Vice President, Presidential Assistant for Planning
Email: mmccarthysj@jesuits.org

Fr. Thomas McCoog

Fr. McCoog, Thomas M.
Curator of the Avery Cardinal Dulles, SJ Papers, Archivist of the Maryland Province of the Society of Jesus
Email: tmmccoog@gmail.com

Fr. Paul McNelis

Fr. McNelis, Paul D.
Bendheim Professor of International Finance
Office: Room 602A, Martino Hall, 45 Columbus Ave., New York, NY  10038
Phone: 212-636-6186
Email: mcnelis@fordham.edu

Fr. Joseph McShane

Fr. McShane, Joseph M.
President of Fordham University

Fr. Stanley O'Konsky

Fr. O'Konsky, Stanley J.
Teacher of English (Fordham Prep)

Fr. Patrick Ryan

Fr. Ryan, Patrick J.
McGinley Professor of Religion and Society; Resident Chaplain in Walsh Hall
Phone: 718-817-4746
Email: ryansj@fordham.edu

Fr. Jose Salazar

Fr. Salazar, Jose Luis S.
Executive Director of Campus Ministry, Master of Loyola Hall
Office: 718-817-4503
Email: jsalazar8@fordham.edu

Fr. Richard Salmi

Fr. Salmi, Richard P.
Head of the Fordham London Centre

Fr. John J. Shea

Fr. Shea, John J.
Fordham University Staff Chaplain
Office: 718-817-4393
Email: jshea18@fordham.edu

Fr. Raymond Sweitzer

Fr. Sweitzer, Raymond M.
Teacher of Modern and Classical Languages (Fordham Prep)
Email: sweitzer@fordhamprep.org

Fr. Ronald Wozniak

Fr. Wozniak, Ronald E.
Minister at Spellman Hall
Phone: 718-817-5404
Email: rwozniak@fordham.edu