Spellman Hall Residence

Thomas Regan.

Fr. Regan, Thomas
Religious Superior, Fordham Jesuit Community
Email: tregan@jesuits.org

Nicholas Lombardi.

Fr. Lombardi, Nicholas
Minister and Assistant to the Superior
Email: nlombardi@jesuits.org

Bentley Anderson, SJ

Fr. Anderson, Bentley
Associate Professor of African and African American Studies
Email: randerson13@fordham.edu

Fr. Burke, Mark J, SJ

Fr. Burke, Mark J, SJ
Advanced Lecturer in Philosophy

Fr. Castelblanco, Johnathan

Fr. Castelblanco, Johnathan
Graduate Student in Theology
Email: jcastelblanco@fordham.edu

Priest in collar standing in Columbus Circle with streelights

Fr. Cecero, John J.
Vice President for Mission Integration and Ministry
Associate Professor of Psychology
Email: cecero@fordham.edu

Fr. Coughlin, James

Fr. Coughlin, Jim
Chaplain and Teacher of Mathmatics at Fordham Prep

Christopher Cullen

Fr. Cullen, Christopher M.
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Office: 212-636-7926
Email: ccullen@fordham.edu

Fr. Cunningham, John D.

Fr. Cunningham, John D.
Associate Professor and Chair of Physics
Email: jcunningham@jesuits.org

George Drance, S.J.

Fr. Drance, George W.
Artist in Residence at Fordham University Lincoln Center
Artistic Director, Magis Theatre Company
Email: drance@fordham.edu

Fr. John Dzieglewicz

Fr. Dzieglewicz, John T.
Associate Dean of Fordham College at Rose Hill
Email: dzieglewicz@fordham.edu

Mr. Holownia, Christopher

Mr. Holownia, Christopher
Teacher of Freshman Religion and Ancient Greek; Campus Ministry at Fordham Prep
Email: holowniac@fordhamprep.org

Fr. Horan, Brendan R.

Fr. Horan, Brendan R.
Instructor of Political Science
Email: bhoran@jesuits.org

Fr. Joseph Lienhard

Fr. Lienhard, Joseph T.
Professor of Theology
Email: lienhard@fordham.edu


Fr. David Marcotte

Fr. Marcotte, David P.
Associate Clinical Professor of Psychology
Associate Director of Clinical Training

Thomas Massaro, S.J.

Fr. Massaro, Thomas J.
Professor of Moral Theology
Office: Duane Library 141
Email: tmassaro@fordham.edu

Mr. McKenzie, Curtis

Mr. McKenzie, Curtis
Studying Theology

Fr. Francis McAloon

Fr. McAloon, Francis X
Acting Dean, Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education
Associate Professor of Christian Spirituality and Ignatian Studies 
Email: fmcaloon@fordham.edu

Fr. Paul McNelis

Fr. McNelis, Paul D.
Professor Emeritus of Finance
Office: Room 602A, Martino Hall, 45 Columbus Ave., New York, NY  10023
Phone: 212-636-6186
Email: mcnelis@fordham.edu

Fr. Joseph McShane

Fr. McShane, Joseph M.
President Emeritus of Fordham University

Fr. Obidiagha, Collins

Fr. Obidiagha, Collins
Graduate student in Cybersecurity
Email: cobidiagha@fordham.edu

Fr. Stanley O'Konsky

Fr. O'Konsky, Stanley J.
Teacher of English (Fordham Prep)

Mr. Perron, Tim

Mr. Perron, Tim
Studying Theology
Email: tperron@jesuits.org

Image of Fr. Jose Luis Salazar

Fr. Salazar, Jose Luis S.
Executive Director of Campus Ministry, Master of Loyola Hall
Office: 718-817-4503
Email: jsalazar8@fordham.edu

Thomas Scirghi

Fr. Scirghi, Thomas J.
Associate Professor of Theology
Office: 718-817-3249
Email: scirghi@fordham.edu

Fr. John J. Shea

Fr. Shea, John J.
Fordham University Staff Chaplain
Office: 718-817-4393
Email: jshea18@fordham.edu

Fr. Schloesser, Stephen R.

Fr. Schloesser, Stephen R.
2022-23 Loyola Chair
Email: sschloesser@jesuits.org

Fr. Spinale, Kevin

Fr. Spinale, Kevin
Assistant Professor Curriculum and Teaching
Graduate School of Education
Email: kspinale@fordham.edu

Fr. Worchester, Thomas

Fr. Worcester, Thomas
Professor of History
Email: tworcester@jesuits.org

Fr. Yamanaka, Taiju

Fr. Yamanaka, Taiju
Campion Postdoctoral fellow in the Biblical Studies (New Testament) 
Email: tyamanaka@fordham.edu