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Online Students Health Insurance

Policy and Deadlines

Policy: Online students taking 6 credits or more are automatically charged for the SHIP (Student Health Insurance Program) on their student account. Students have to complete an online registration to waive or enroll. Online students taking 5 credits or less are not charged for the SHIP on their student account and do not have to complete a waiver. Students taking 5 credits or less can enroll in the plan under a voluntary option and must complete the online registration and will have to pay online with a credit card. Students can also enroll their spouse or dependents.

Links: The website to complete the waiver or enroll is Students can view the coverage and the policy of the plan online. Students can also print their ID cards online. Aetna Customer Service 877-480-4161.

Fordham University Insurance page can be found at and click on the insurance tab.

Deadlines and Rates: The rates are the same for both full time and part time students and for dependents.

Period Effective Date Termination Date Each Student
and/or Dependent
Annual 8/23/2018 8/22/2019 $3,073
Fall 8/23/2018 12/31/2018 $1,103
Spring/Summer 1/1/2019 8/22/2019 $1,970

Communications: Students will receive emails starting in July to inform them about the insurance online registration process. The emails are sent out on a weekly basis, we also sent out email reminders after the initial deadline of September 10th. Students are also mailed a reminder post card to remind them of the deadline.

International students - Online students residing outside of the U.S. are neither subject to the waiver requirement, nor are they eligible for the plan.

Contact person:
Maritza Rivera-Garcia Health Insurance Compliance Administrator
University Health Services
Rose Hill Campus
O'Hare Hall
Lincoln Center Campus
140 West 62nd St
Suite G-16
Phone: 212-636-7160