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Information Technology Degree

The ITS major provides students with skills and hands-on experience in systems analysis, database management, web programming, cyber-security, network administration, and software development. This major emphasizes the needs of capable new technology users across virtually every field of employment. The structure of the information technology systems major allows students to tailor their programs to current workplace demands and long-term career objectives.

This program is offered only through the School of Professional and Continuing Studies. It is available at both the Rose Hill and Lincoln Center campuses.

Requirements for the BS-ITS Degree

Ten courses are required for the BS degree in information technology and systems. These, eight are required:

  • CISC 1100 - Structures of Computer Science or CISC 1400 - Discrete Structures
  • CISC 1600 - Computer Science I
  • CISC 2000 - Computer Science II or CISC 3400 - Java Programming
  • CISC 2201 - Systems Analysis
  • CISC 2350 - Information and Web Programming
  • CISC 3500 - Data Base Systems
  • CISC 3580 - Cybersecurity and Applications or CISC 3600 - Secure Cyber Networks
  • CISC 4615 - Data Communication and Networks or CISC 4700 - Network & Client Server

Students choose two additional elective computer science courses from CISC 2000-4999 with approval of academic adviser.

Requirements for a Minor in Information Technology and Systems

The minor in ITS consists of CISC 1100 or 1400, CISC 1600, and four other major-applicable courses chosen with approval of academic adviser.