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GRE Scholarships

Types of Scholarships - Institutional Aid 


The General scholarship is a need and merit based scholarship which offers GRE students up to a 35% tuition discount.

Who may apply?

All full-time students who are in good academic standing may apply to receive aid from the General Scholarship fund.

Note, this scholarship cannot be combined with any others offered at GRE. 

How much is awarded?

Because the General Scholarship is need based, award amounts vary. Most GRE students who apply receive awards between 25% - 35% 

Note: Summer financial aid for all students is capped at 6 credit hours (two courses) per summer. 

What determines the award amount?

To assist in determining how much aid a student may need, all who apply must also submit a FAFSA.

I need more aid, what should I do?

If you think your award amount is not sufficient in helping you meet your financial need, please contact us! We are happy to re-evaluate your financial need.



Church Worker and Religious/Ordained

The Church worker and religious/ordained scholarship offers all who work in a parish, church, diocese, or other faith based organization as a lay minister, religious, or ordained minister a tuition reduction of 50%.

Those applying for this scholarship are required to submit a letter from their superior or leader of their church organization in support of their claim that they are a full-time Church worker or a religious/ordained minister. 

Note, this scholarship cannot be combined with any others offered at GRE. 

Who may apply?

All full-time MA and Certificate students who are in good academic standing and meet the above criteria. 

How much is awarded?

50% reduction in tuition (all additional fees, housing, books, etc. are the responsibility of the student)

Note: Summer financial aid for all students is capped at 6 credit hours (two courses) per summer. 

I am a Church worker, but not for the Catholic Church, may I still apply?

Yes! All church workers regardless of their denomination or religion may apply.



How to Submit for Financial Aid at the GRE

In order to be considered for financial aid offered by the GRE, returning students must be fully registered and have submitted the Financial/Institutional Aid form by March 15th for the following Summer, Fall, and Spring semester. Students must register for at least 6 credits in each of the requested term to be considered.

Newly admitted students should submit this form within two weeks of replying to the offer of admission decision, but not before registering for 6 credits. 

Aid cannot be granted retroactively.  

Steps and Requirements for Applying for Aid

  1. Complete the General/Church Worker/International Priest Financial Aid Application
  2. For the General Scholarship Fund, students must file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) every school year. The FAFSA must be filed with the Federal Government by April 15th each year. It typically takes three weeks for the FAFSA to be processed.
  3. To indicate that Fordham University should receive the required information and the needs determination from FAFSA, use the following information when filing:
    • Federal School Code: 002722
    • College: Fordham University Address: 441 East Fordham Road Bronx, NY 10458
  4. International students must also attach a copy of their Certificate of Eligibility Application and Affidavit of Support.
  5. Full Time Church Worker Scholarship applicants must submit a letter from their employer on official stationary stating that they are an employee of the parish/school of the current academic year.

Please Note!

  • All scholarships may be applied for through the completion of one general form, the General/Church Worker/International Financial Aid Application.
  • Financial Aid levels, waivers, or scholarships offered by the GRE cannot be combined. New and returning students are only eligible to receive one type of funding from the GRE.
  • Students who drop courses and fall below 6 credits will have their aid removed.
  • Course work taken outside of the Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education cannot be given the tuition discount.
  • Non-matriculated students are not eligible for the tuition discount.
  • Awarded aid also does not apply to: Dissertation Format Review, Dissertation Qualifying Paper, Dissertation Mentoring, Maintenance of Matriculation, Students receiving other scholarships from Fordham, Non-Credit Courses, Courses taken for Audit, and Students who have a graduate assistantship

Conference Attendance Aid for Current GRE Students

All current GRE students can apply to receive aid to help them cover the costs of attending conferences, workshops, and other networking events. Please note:

  • Priority will be given to students who are presenting at conferences and who demonstrate merit and need.
  • Aid is awarded via reimbursement. In order to receive the awarded aid, students must submit receipts of conference attendance and other travel expenses to Bill Slade at
  • Maximum award amount: $500.00

Deadlines: September 30th for Fall conferences and February 15th for Spring.

To apply, complete the GRE Conference Financial Aid form.