Get Involved

GRE Alumni Involvement Opportunities

The Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education welcomes all former students who are working in the fields of mission and ministry to get involved in the work of the GRE community.

Below are some ideas on ways that GRE alums can get involved—see something you would like to do? Or have an idea of your own? Email our Alumni Coordinator Lois D'Amore at [email protected] or call 718-817-4800 to get started.

    • Meet with potential graduate applicants to talk about your Fordham GRE and career experience (in-person, by phone, over lunch)
    • Welcome current students to your parish, church, diocesan office, etc. for a “site visit” to teach them about what you do and how Fordham GRE helped you expand your ministry and career
    • Complete the GRE Alumni questionnaire and be profiled in an online alumni success story
    • Make a 30-second video about your thoughts on Fordham's GRE and its mission and how it helped you move your ministry and career forward that we can showcase on our website or social media
    • Present and share your knowledge of what it is like to work in the fields of mission and ministry today at a current or prospective student gathering
    • Lead a spiritual retreat for current and potential GRE students
    • Host a workshop with your organization for our local faith community at Fordham
    • Reach out to your former faculty and offer your assistance in presenting on a topic you are familiar with in a course
    • Host a GRE sponsored webinar providing insight on best practices in ministry, pastoral counseling, etc.
    • Present at a career event, offer your own insights on hunting for a job in ministry
    • Visit a campus open house and meet potential GRE students
    • Meet with current GRE students and share your insights on careers, courses, etc.
    • Create an email that the Admissions office can send out to potential students that offers insights on why GRE is the right place to be
    • Volunteer at GRE events, meet students and others in the community who gather to share their faith and ministerial experiences
    • Attend GRE events

Start Today

We are delighted to speak to you about these ideas, anytime, and if you have an idea that you would like for us to consider contact us and we will place you in contact with the right person. 

If you are looking for additional opportunities to participate in Fordham-wide alumni activities or events, the University’s Forever Fordham site offers a full range of information and benefits to you that we encourage you to check out.