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Fall 2017 Courses

Registration Information

Download the registration packet with the full list of Fall courses

Fall 2017

Below is a listing of International Studies courses being offered in Fall 2017. Please read carefully:

* The listed courses all count toward International Studies in general. However, to count toward your major requirements, they must fulfill an IS core requirement or be appropriate for your chosen elective track, as indicated on the list.

  • Understanding the listing: The first number is the CRN (course registration number), followed by the department and course number, then the school and course section, then the number of credits, course name (and Fordham core attributes, if any), then the days, times, and instructor. L=LC day; C=LC eve; R=RH day; E=RH eve; and W=Westchester eve. Example: INST 2500 L01 4 = INST 2500 [course] L01 [LC day, section 1]; 4 [# of credits]. TBA=To be announced; SAB=Study Abroad.
  • Fordham core attributes: Please double-check to make sure that attributes listed here are accurate. It’s also possible that some courses have attributes not listed here. Confirm everything. Look up courses yourself.
  • Core attributes key: Adv Hist=Advanced History; Adv Lit=Advanced Literature; Adv SS=Advanced Social Science; EP=Eloquentia Perfecta; FA=Fine Arts; Glob=Globalism; ICC=Interdisciplinary Capstone Core; PL=Pluralism; Sac Texts=Sacred Texts; VS=Values Seminar.

* Language courses for the IS major are not listed here. Please see the language requirements below.

* If you think a course not on the list should be here, please contact Dr. De Luca at: Please send the CRN, the course number (e.g. INST 2500), course title, the professor’s name, and a course description. Here are general guidelines for track electives

  1. For the International Track: in its scope a course must be global or compare regions of the world, and if historical, its content should at least come up to the 20th century.
  2. For the Regional Track: in its scope a course must focus most attention on one region of the world, and if historical, its content should at least come up to the 20th century.

For more information about the major, visit us at:



  1. Introduction to International Studies: INST 2500 (Introduction to International Studies).
  2. 2. International Politics and Law (one course): POSC 2501(Intro to International Politics); or POSC 2610 (Intro to Comparative Politics); or POSC 3505 (International Law).
  3. International Economics and Political Economy (one course): ECON 3244 (International Economic Policy); or ECON 3346 (International Economics/Trade); or POSC 3610 (Political Economy of Development); or POSC 3616 (Political Economy of Poverty); or POSC 3915 (International Political Economy).
  4. Contemporary World History and Culture (one course): INST 3100 (The Global Environment); or INST 3859 (Post- 1945: A Global History); or ANTH 3351 (Comparative Cultures); or ANTH 3725 (Culture and Culture Change); or SOCI 3046 (International Sociology); or SOCI 3450 (Transnational Social Movements).
  5. Senior Thesis Seminar (ONLY offered in fall semester): INST 4000 (International Studies Senior Thesis Seminar).


6-11. Track Requirements: Six courses in your chosen track; or five courses in your chosen track and one course in any other track; or five courses in your chosen track and a third course in your IS language.


12-13. Language Requirement: Two courses in addition to the Fordham core in a language appropriate for your track.

Contact the IS Director, Prof. Tom De Luca at:; or make an appointment at: