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Ph.D. Religious Education

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72 Credits Above the BA

The PhD in Religious Education prepares professionals for leadership in religious education. Specifically, it provides students with an understanding of the distinctive nature of the field of religious education as an interdisciplinary area of research and scholarship at the intersection of the academic disciplines of theology/religious studies and education.

In their course work students explore the religious and educational development of children, youth, and adults; historical and contemporary approaches to religious education: and the personal, social, and communal dimensions of education in faith. The program focuses on Christian traditions of religious education, while also exploring how a concern for interreligious education is constitutive of the theory and practice of religious education.

Graduates of the program contribute to substantive research and scholarship, and the development of practical approaches to religious education. The program is known for its comprehensive religious education curriculum, and the accessibility of faculty members and their dedication to mentoring students.

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