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The Fordham Seal

The Fordham seal, when used by itself, not as part of the wordmark, is reserved for the Office of the President and presidential initiatives. The seal by itself should not be used in print, online, on clothing, or any other materials that would not be considered directly sponsored, hosted, or presented by the President of Fordham University. The seal by itself should not be used without the express permission of the University Marketing and Communications. It is provided as fully scalable vector art, compatible with both PCs and Macs. Contact us at to request electronic files.

Fordham seal screen rgb (240 x 310)

Usage Guidelines

With this restriction in mind, the following specifications also apply to the use of the Fordham seal.

  • The Fordham one-color seal may be used in custom Fordham maroon ink, black, or in four-color process maroon match. The seal can also be reversed (white) out of a color field (custom Fordham maroon or black, or in four color process maroon match). Never apply any other color to the seal.
  • Do not reproduce the seal as a standalone graphic any smaller than 1" in height.
  • Do not “stretch” or otherwise change the proportions of the seal. It is distorted when pasted and resized in other software programs such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint document. Please contact for help in resizing.
  • Please do not add anything to the University seal. Additional words, graphics, and symbols are unacceptable.

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