Web Content Management Training

Learn how to create and maintain department web content on the new www.fordham.edu. Training is broken into two sessions over two days and includes not only technology training but guidance on how to design effective web pages to university standards.

In order to gain access to Terminalfour, Fordham's web content management system, you must attend an introduction session and a hands-on session.

Introduction - 1 hour (Lecture)
Instructor: Tia Linder

Introduction to Fordham's web content policies, web accessibility, design and content guidelines, and best practices in web communications including writing for the web. Appropriate for web editors, supervisors, and anyone who will be preparing content for their department websites. Introduction training is on pause at the moment but we will share the recording with web editors.

Terminalfour Training - 2 hours (Hands-on)
Instructor: Tia Linder

Pre-requisite: Web Content Management - Introduction
Learn how to create and maintain department web content on www.fordham.edu using Terminalfour, Fordham's web content management system. Appropriate for web editors who are responsible for maintaining department websites.

Upcoming Training Dates

Terminalfour Training will be conducted on a monthly basis. Please write to [email protected] to inquire about the next training session. Terminalfour training is conducted online via Zoom.

Jadu Training - we are no longer conducting Jadu Training due to the web migration project. Please contact the web editors in your area for assistance with web updates or contact the web team at [email protected] for assistance.