Fordham Fonts

Just as we choose different words to convey different messages and different verbal constructions to address different audiences, the typeface we use can have a profound effect on our messaging.

Fordham University Fonts

Leitura, Soliel and Knockout are the Fordham university approved font families. These three fonts allow for flexibility and creative expression in all of our marketing projects. These font families have been purchased by the Department of University Relations for use by Fordham employees and are available upon request.

These are available on our digital asset management platform, Libris. To request access, please contact us at You do not need these typefaces installed on your computer in order to use the Fordham logo. 

Leitura Typface

Leitura is one of our three primary typefaces. It is an elegant, classic style font that contrasts well with our more contemporary fonts, Soliel and Knockout.

  • Use it when a serif font is more appropriate than a sans-serif font.
  • Leitura is used for display headlines and body text.
  • Leitura has four weights in both roman and italic styles.

Soleil Typeface

Soliel is a simple, modern and versatile font that compliments the classic, more elegant serif font, Leitura. Soliel is used for display headlines and sometimes, body text.

In it’s heavier weights, it is used for headlines and subheads. When using Soliel:

  • do not track the spacing between the letters to more than 10
  • do not track the spacing between the letters to less than -10
  • when using “Soliel Light” we recommend that it be big enough to be legible when knocked out (white on a dark background)

Knockout Typeface

Knockout is used for dramatic, powerful headline structure. It is a modern font that has a large selection of weights that can be used sparingly on our materials.

When using Knockout:

  • We recommend tracking Knockout particularly when it is used small.
  • When using upper and lower case in any version of Knockout, tracking is not necessary


Large type is part of our brand, and it’s great for communicating short and powerful messages. Use this type execution to make bold, declarative statements about who we are and what we stand for — especially when it’s something that is unique to Fordham. In layout, keep it simple and don’t clutter the page with too many elements. Using brand fonts can create a hierarchy for content that draws the reader in and reinforces the main point.