Fordham Fonts

Just as we choose different words to convey different messages and different verbal constructions to address different audiences, the typeface we use can have a profound effect on our messaging.

Fordham University Fonts

Leitura, Soliel and Knockout are the Fordham university approved font families. These three fonts allow for flexibility and creative expression in all of our marketing projects. These font families have been purchased by the Department of University Relations for use by Fordham employees and are available upon request. To request access, please contact us at [email protected]. You do not need these typefaces installed on your computer to use the Fordham Logo.

Leitura Typface

Leitura is one of our three primary typefaces. It is an elegant, classic style font that is the appropriate choice for formal, academic and official communications.

  • Use it when a serif font is more appropriate than a sans-serif font.
  • Leitura is used for headlines, sub headlines, quotes and body copy.
  • When using Leitura in white on a dark background use the bolder versions of the typeface.
  • Lietura should be tracked out 5-15pts from the default, and its leading can be 2-5pts more than the default.
  • If Lietura is unavailable the alternate font is Times New Roman.

Soleil Typeface

Soliel is a simple, modern and versatile font that compliments the classic, more elegant serif font, Leitura. Use Soleil in informal, playful communications as well as materials that are dense and need to be communicated clearly. Soleil is our most readable typeface so its the best choice for long streches of copy. 

  • Soliel is used for Headlines, Sub headlines, body copy, and captions.
  • Use the default tracking and the leading can be 2 to 5pts more than the default
  • If Soleil is unavailable the alternate font is Raleway.

Knockout Typeface

Knockout is a versatile font that comes in nine different widths. It is our headline and display typeface—use it to make a statement. 

When using Knockout:

  • Knockout is not appropriate for small text or formal communications. 
  • Knockout can is difficult to read as a long headline or subhead, use it for relatively short lines of text.