Event Promotion

Below are various channels available within the university to help you get the word out about your events and programs. Though you may not need to utilize each of these channels for every event or program, you may find this checklist helpful in planning your marketing strategy.

University Events Calendar

The University events calendar allows you to showcase your events on fordham.edu and news.fordham.edu. Submitting your event to the calendar should ideally be your first step in promoting your event. To submit your event to the calendar, please go to: fordham.edu/submitevent


Create a webpage about your event on your website to serve as a destination for any calendar listings and to provide a landing page for search engine results. Page should include title, date, location, description, detailed schedule if applicable, RSVP/registration information, and speaker bio if possible. Promote your event webpage on your home page and other areas of your website. Contact Tia Linder- [email protected] | 212-636-6542 if you need assistance adding content to your website.

Email Communications

University Marketing and Communications is happy to assist you with your email marketing efforts. We have access to all constituent faculty, staff, student, parent, and alumni data and can share our expertise in increasing the likelihood that your email will be read and acted upon.

Posters and Flyers on Campus

Collaborate with UMC to create flyers and posters. Before you post on campus, approval must be obtained by Student Affairs.

Have flyers and other promotional materials available at other events.

Faculty Outreach

Ask faculty to reach out to their networks and professional organizations that might be interested in the event topic or new program, and/or willing to promote it.

Social Media

Engage audiences on social media and maintain an active presence. Post events and news to your school’s social media channels on your various social media platforms. Also, reach out to:

  • Rachel Roman, who manages social media for all of the university. [email protected] | 212-636-7013
  • Kassi Montenegro, who manages the Fordham Alumni Facebook page. [email protected] | 212-636-6739

Communications Department

Reach out to Fordham News to discuss promoting news or events through featured stories, news releases, and other means.