University Events Calendar

The University events calendar offers you a comprehensive landing page for your event. To help ensure a successful turnout for your event, please submit a detailed listing to the calendar as early as possible.

IMPORTANT: Please note that submission of this form is not a location reservation. Location reservations must be requested and approved through 25Live. Undergraduate student clubs must also get event approval through the Office of Student Involvement.

Submit Your Event

All event submissions are reviewed and may be edited for clarity and consistency with the University’s preferred editorial style guidelines. Please allow THREE business days for your event to be added to the calendar.

If you have questions about your submission, please email [email protected].

If you need to make changes to your submission, visit the submission page and select “View Your Submitted Events.”

Calendar Submission Guidelines

Event Title

The event title will appear at the top of your event listing, as well as on the calendar list and on any event feeds on the website. Please make the title descriptive but short.

Event Description

Tell us a bit about the event. This will be the main body of your event listing and can include an event schedule and information about featured speakers.

You’ll be filling in the event time and location in the next section, so there is no need to include it here, unless you are providing a broken-down schedule with multiple times listed.

Event Time and Date

Please include the start and end date and time. If the event has multiple occurrences, use the first date and then select “Schedule Multiple Events” to add the other dates.

Event Image

Image size must be 1078x516px. Please do not include flyers, vertical images, PDFs, or images with text. Any such images will be removed and will not be published.

Event Categories

Please select at least one category from the drop-down list:


  • Arts at Fordham: Musical recitals, performances, gallery exhibitions, etc.
  • Athletics: Fordham sports games and team events
  • Conferences and Symposiums: Upcoming academic events sponsored centers, departments, and institutes at Fordham
  • Cultural: Broadway, museum outings, walking tours, etc.
  • Lectures: Upcoming lectures, such as the Mary Higgins Clark Chair in Creative Writing Lecture, the McGinley Lecture, book signings, and presentations
  • Networking and Career: Career-building events, networking opportunities, and mentoring programs
  • Receptions: Hosted events and receptions
  • Reunions: Class, school, and affinity chapter reunions
  • Social: Social events and gatherings, such as local sporting events, holiday parties, and happy hours
  • Spiritual and Religious: Retreats, Masses, or lectures of a spiritual/religious nature
  • Volunteer: Opportunities to volunteer or give back
  • Travel: University-organized travel opportunities
  • Wellness: Events focused on bettering mental and physical health, such as nutrition and yoga


Event Tags

Tags help broadcast your event to different parts of the University website through RSS feeds. Your tags will also be listed at the bottom of the event listing.

Event Audiences

Choose the audiences that can attend this event. If you select “The Public,” all audiences will be selected.

If the event is invitation-only or private, it should not be submitted to the University calendar.

Venue Details

Please use the drop-down menu to search for and select the venue that you have reserved for your event before adding a new venue name to the form. If you are adding a new location, please include the room and campus in the first field and use the mailing address of the campus in the address fields. Venues should not include any special characters (such as pipe bars) or URLs. If the event is virtual, choose “Virtual” or “Zoom” as the venue.

Organizer Details

Please search for the name of the organizer of your event before entering the name. This information will be listed with the event, so include only contact information that can be shared publicly.

Event Website

  • Event Website: Include a website URL only if the site includes more information about your event.
  • Redirect to Event Website: Checking this box means that when a user follows the link to this event, they will be taken directly to the event website provided. If you check this box, you still need to fill out the full event listing for search engines and calendar feeds.
  • Registration Link: Use this box to display a register button on your event listing.
  • Attendee List Link: Use this box if you will be providing a link for the public to view a list of registered attendees.