The Official University Seal

Fordham Seal


The Great Seal of Fordham University proclaims that Fordham has been a Jesuit university since its founder, Archbishop John Hughes, entrusted it to the care of the Society of Jesus five years after it was found in 1841. The Fordham University Seal is reserved for official documents, including diplomas, presidential and trustee documents and legal, academic or official university documentation - or for the highest awards and certificates. The seal may only be used with permission from the office of Marketing and Communications. It can never be altered or varied.


The Fordham one-color seal may be used in custom Fordham maroon ink, black or in four colorprocess maroon match. The seal can also be reversed in white out of a color field (Fordham maroon or black, or in four color process maroon match). Do not apply any other color to the seal.

The Fordham seal is provided as fully scalable eps vector art, compatible with both PCs and Macs. Electronic files can be requested through the Office of University Marketing and Communications at [email protected]

  • Do not reproduce the seal as a standalone graphic any smaller than 1” in height.
  • Do not stretch or otherwise change the proportions of the seal.