Photography is one of the quickest and clearest ways to communicate a message. That’s why it is so important to get it right! Our photography guidelines represent the pillars and values of our university, including our commitment to authenticity, diversity in all it’s forms, Cura Personalis, and the spirit of being part of the Fordham family.

Our photo categories are a useful way to tell the Fordham story with its own focus and strengths. Much of our photography could fit in multiple categories - and thats ok! The categories help us remember all the big facets of Fordham’s offer and they are a tool for creating balance in communications. So we don’t picture all the same things in our photography and depict the robust university we are.

  • Campus Beauty
  • NYC Beauty
  • Our People in Action
  • Our People in Contemplation
  • Artistic
  • Portraits

Campus Beauty

One of Fordham’s most significant differentiating factors and selling points, are our beautiful campuses. They are critical to selling what Fordham has to offer.

NYC Beauty

New York is my campus, Fordham is my school” is more than a tagline - it defines learning at Fordham. New York City is a critical differentiator for Fordham, and how we depict it separates us from our city peers.

Our People In Action

This is how we capture all of the amazing things Fordham’s people do; from a theater performance, to an excursion abroad, to a group discussion in the lab – anytime our community is celebrating, working, or making moves. This category is all about energy and action within the Fordham community.

Our People In Contemplation

This is how we capture the idea of Cura Personalis, and highlights our community in moments of mentorship, collaboration, and friendship. This can include students studying, praying or contemplating. This category sets Fordham apart from its peers by sharing how Fordham supports the whole person.


These are editorial, textural or detail shots that help set a mood in our communications. This is Fordham’s photography at its most stylized. Artistic photos are used as accents in larger projects.



Staged portraits and head shots will always be a part of our photo needs and are the best way to tell a student’s unique story. This category, more than the others, is about storytelling. Our subjects are captured in settings that help bring their story to life.

Photo Archive “Libris”

The Fordham University photo collection highlights students, faculty, campus life, research, campus beauty, events and people from across the university. 

Our photo library is stored in a digital asset management system called “Libris”. A user name and password is required to use Libris.
If you are in need of photos, the process is simple. 

  1. Speak to your account manager or contact the marketing office at [email protected] with your request. 
  2. Within the Libris application, a lightbox or folder will be created. A member of the Marketing team will fill this folder with photo options. 
  3. A link will be provided by your account manager. Once you’ve clicked on this link, a folder will open with a selection of high resolution images.