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Data at Rest Policy

Version 1.0.2


The purpose of this policy is to govern how University data is stored.


This policy applies to all data stored by all employees, contractors, consultants, temporary, and other workers at the University including all personnel affiliated with third parties conducting University business. All data covered by the scope of this policy will be classified as Fordham Protected data, Fordham Sensitive data, or Fordham Public data.

Policy Statement

Fordham Protected data, Fordham Sensitive data, or Fordham Public data must be stored according to the Data Classification Guidelines.

Related Policies and Procedures

Implementation Information

Review Frequency Triennial
Responsible Person Director, IT Risk and Data Integrity
Approved By CISO
Approval Date May 22, 2018

Revision History:

Version Date Description
1.0 01/23/2017 Initial policy.
1.0.1 02/07/2018 Minor edits pointing to existing policies and the renamed Acceptable Uses of IT Infrastructure and Resources Policy. There are no substantial changes to this policy
1.0.2 05/22/2018 Updated disclaimer statement
  06/09/2020 Periodic review. No changes. 

Policy Disclaimer Statement

Deviations from policies, procedures, or guidelines published and approved by the University Information Security Office (UISO) may only be done cooperatively between the UISO and the requesting entity with sufficient time to allow for appropriate risk analysis, documentation, and possible presentation to authorized University representatives. Failure to adhere to UISO written policies may be met with University sanctions.