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Alpha Sigma Nu Membership

Juniors, seniors, and graduate students at Jesuit colleges and universities who are in the top 15% of their class academically and have a demonstrated record of service and loyalty to the Jesuit ideals of education are considered for membership. Only 4% of each class may be inducted.

Undergraduate students are nominated automatically if they fall within the top 15% of their class (while the exact number may fluctuate year to year, the cumulative GPA is approximately a 3.8 or higher).

Graduate students are nominated by their school’s dean. They must be in the top 15% of their class and have completed more than 50% of their coursework.


Late September/Early October: Invitations to apply to Alpha Sigma Nu will be emailed to those who are nominated to the society. The invitation includes an electronic application that must be completed in order to be considered for membership. The application strives to ascertain the applicant’s commitment to service and their loyalty to Jesuit ideals.

November: Applications are due and will be reviewed by the selection committee. Nominees are also vetted and approved by the dean of students, the dean of the college, and the president of the University.

Mid-December: Notifications of membership are sent out to applicants. Only those nominees who completed an application will be notified.

January: Membership dues for lifetime membership ($100) are due.

April: The induction ceremony is held. The president and provost of the University, along with the deans of the colleges, present the new members with their Alpha Sigma Nu pin and membership certificate.

2018 Inductees

Fordham College at Rose Hill

Fordham College at Rose Hill Inductees
Madeline C. Allison Robin J. Happel
Ryan J. Baker Sarah G. Hartman
Micaiah Barley Griffin O. Hornung
William S. Beatrez Anna J. Hudson
Lauren J. Beglin Marilyn E. Hurzeler
Michelle Berardino Neil C. Joyce
Brianna D. Borrelli John Kiehl
Michaela Brennan Stephen Kipp
John R. Casey III Brittany M. Kouroupas
Katherine M. DeFonzo Daniel F. Krumm
Nicholas P. Esposito Robert Lis
Raquel A. Garcia Mark Logtenberg, S.J.
Gabrielle K. Gillespie Katarina P. Martucci
Patrick J. Goggins Alyssa J. Mauriello
Bernadette L. Haig Rachel M. McGown
Jillian C. Meyer Kathryn D. Porter
Kevin M. Moran Laxshika Raveendran
Brighid B. Morgan Nancy E. Rutishauser
Mary M. Morrison Paul C. Samson
Brett T. Musialowicz Elliot E. Sanchez
Alana Normile Sabrina Jamileh Z. Sayegh
Katherine J. O'Brien Andrew J. Seger
Abby E. O'Neill Bailey A. Solomons
Victoria M. Pascullo Tasha A. Tombo
Christopher A. Penello Ryan F. Wolfe

Fordham College at Lincoln Center

LC Inductees
Elizabeth Bellitto Juliet E. Mengaziol
Kaetlyn K. Conner Hannah F. Murphy
Lydia G. Culp Elizabeth L. Nadramia
Emily Davancens Annamarie N. Nistico
Joanna DiBiase Lucy M. O'Brien
Miranda Febus Reese Ravner
Chaudhary Harris Brandon J. Satz-Jacobowitz
Catherine W. Imossi Sophia Scott
Danielle Marshall Morgan P. Steward
Katie Q. Maurer Isabel L. Wallace-Green
Cristina N. Mendez Kayla E. Wolf

Gabelli School of Business (Undergraduate)

Gabelli Undergraduate Inductees
Nour Al-Othman Linda J. Infantino
Sara C. Brown Cen Koci
Grace Callan John J. Lichtmann
Sara A. Chesnos Eileen Lin
Danielle Chung Sabrina Maher
Alessandra V. Colasacco Gabrielle McNees
Chelsea M. Cronin Morgan N. Menzzasalma
Christopher T. Dollesin Michaela M. Moody
Megan C. Dowd Anders T. Papritz
Jenna Florendo Domenico Pietromonaco
Emilie F. Frangione Zoe N. Robinson
Caitlin M. Hanus Jukun Sun
Erica M. Harrell Declan A. Wollard
Andrew M. Hof  

School of Professional and Continuing Studies

PCS Inductees
John C. Fromer John Macias
Elizabeth P. Iannacone Claudia M. Rivera
David J. Krieger Erick J. Spahr
Manny M. Linares-Galarza  


Gabelli School of Business (Graduate)

Gabelli Graduate Inductees
John Vincent Arey II Samantha A. Taccone
Joseph C. Catania Louis J. Vetter
Brian M. Hart Jay M. Weiner
Shannon Hirrel Quinn  


Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

GSAS Inductees
Julia L. Cosacchi Mary Kate Holman
Sonia Patricia da Silva Monteiro  

Graduate School of Education

GSE Inductees
Scott B. Swisher  

Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education

GRE Inductees
Frances Ferraro Sr. Elizabeth C. Zwareva

Graduate School of Social Services

GSS Inductees
Anna M. Birchenough Shonte E. Nash
Marcela A. Briones-Levin Joy H. Wyatt
Suzanne N. Katz  

School of Law

School of Law Inductees
Michael Benison Jonathan A. Kane
Laura Bilder Patrick O. Malone
Sean K. Hallisey