Single Number Reach

For Faculty, Staff

Single Number Reach allows calls to your Fordham University extension to go to your University-provided Cisco desk phone AND your mobile or home number.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Prior to using this feature for the first time, please contact the IT Service Desk at 718-817-3999 or [email protected] and request the configuration of "Single Number Reach" on your Cisco desk phone. Provide the Service Desk with your mobile phone number and office phone extension.

View recorded training webinars for Cisco Phone Single Number Reach and other resources.

Adjust Settings for Single Number Reach

  1. In a web browser, navigate to
  2. Log in with your Fordham credentials
  3. Click the Apps button at the bottom of the screen
  4. Click the big + sign (plus sign) on the left
  5. Select Fordham Apps in the flyout window
  6. Select your browser. The browser icon will appear in the window. Click on the icon, and a new browser tab will load.
  7. In the browser tab, type in or navigate to Login with your Fordham credentials.
  8. Select My Phones on the left and look for Additional Phones
  9. Find the phone you wish to use to for Single Number Reach. Click the gear icon on the upper right of the box and select Edit.
  10. From here, you can enable or disable Single Number reach. When enabled, options will appear for scheduling Single Number Reach.
    • The default for Single Number Reach is “Ring all the time.” Click “Ring only during specific times” to create an alternate schedule.

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