Samuelson-Glushko Intellectual Property and Information Law

In an ever-changing technological world, some information and ideas should be shared freely, while others be afforded protection.

Fordham Law's Samuel-Glushko Intellectual Property and Information Law Clinic works to find the balance in the law between guarding the fruits of creativity and the right of the public to access information.

In doing so, the Clinic helps entrepreneurs, small business owners, authors, artists, musicians, actors, playwrights, designers, inventors, and non-profit organizations navigate the divide. As a student in the clinic, you’ll play a pivotal role in a variety of matters that fall into one of five categories: deals, trademark registrations, patent applications, risk counseling, and sometimes litigation.

You'll not only apply your legal research and analysis skills to a real-world problem, but you'll also confront the moral, economic, social, psychological and political dynamics of Intellectual Property and Information Law.

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