Institutional Priorities

Institutional Priorities

The selection of institutional priorities that matter to an institution is key to ensuring that the reaccreditation process is informative, insightful, and valuable. Fordham's priorities are forward-looking, inspired by our strategic plan, and will guide our Self-Study design.

Graduate School of Social Work Professor, Dr. Larry Farmer, lectures in front of class with slide behind him.

Priority One: Wisdom, Knowledge, and Learning

Position Fordham as a leader in the discovery of wisdom, creation of knowledge, and transmission of learning through distinctive research, teaching, and programs, including those that educate for justice and address the challenges of our time. 

Two students work in a garden and are crouched near the ground digging in the dirt with shovels while another student stands behind them.

Priority Two: Holistic Student Success and Flourishing

Enhance the holistic student experience, both inside and outside the classroom, in order to maximize the ability of all students to both succeed and flourish at Fordham and beyond.

A group of students gather in front of the Halal food cart on the corner of the Lincoln Center campus

Priority Three: Community and Institutional Belonging

Cultivate a diverse, equitable, inclusive, caring, and connected community that fosters institutional belonging among students, staff, and faculty.

Three students walk down the steps of Keating Hall

Priority Four: Institutional Vitality and Continuous Improvement

Promote institutional vitality and continuous improvement in a rapidly changing landscape by supporting strategic resource stewardship and agile adaptation.