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Faculty Activity Reporting

Faculty Activity Reporting System

Activity Insight is the University's on-line database system hosted by a company called DigitalMeasures. It is used for collecting and storing information on the activity of the University’s faculty. It is more commonly known as the faculty activity reporting (FAR) system. The types of activity for which information is collected include teaching, research, grant applications and awards, professional service, professional development activities, service to the University, college, and department, honors and awards, and publications. Data on your scheduled teaching is uploaded automatically. You can also use the available Custom Reports to produce pre-filled Applications for Reappointment, Tenure, and Promotion.

The University collects information on faculty activity for a variety of reasons. One reason is associated with merit pay for faculty. A faculty member wishing to be considered for merit pay must submit a faculty activity report, including a merit narrative. The faculty activity report and merit narrative serve as the basis for merit decisions. Another reason for collecting faculty activity information is the ability of the University to promote the work and scholarship of its faculty to both the internal University community and its external publics. One example of this is the yearly President’s Letter highlighting faculty accomplishments.

The FAR system is available all year and we encourage you to keep your data up to date.

At a minimum you should update your information each year by February 1st so we can generate your annual faculty activity report and Merit Narrative.

We also recommend a second update in June since data in the system is used for the Annual reports and for the President's Fall letter to the university describing faculty accomplishments.

To access the Faculty Activity Report System log in to My-Pages, then select the "My Apps" tab. On that page you will find the link to "Login to Faculty Activity Report". You will also find links to two help documents, a guide and an FAQ that you might find useful.