Ph.D. in Computer Science Learning Goals

Upon completion of the Ph.D. in Computer Science program, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the fundamental, analytical, and computational knowledge and methodology needed to conduct original research and practical experiments in the foundations and theory of computer science, in software and systems, and in informatics and data analytics.
  • Apply computing and informatics methods and techniques to understand, analyze, and solve a variety of significant, real-world problems and issues in the cyber, physical, and social domains.
  • Conduct original, high-quality, ethically informed, scientific research and publish in respected, peer-reviewed, journals and conferences.
  • Effectively instruct others in a variety of topics in Computer Science at the university level, addressing ethics, justice, diversity, and sustainability.
  • Publish papers and articles in respected, peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings.
  • Communicate proficiently to audiences within academia, industry and government to disseminate knowledge and research results and for professional success in careers within and outside academia.
  • Pursue careers at the university level, leadership positions in industry and government, and research positions within the leading technology companies.