Urban Studies Faculty

Director of Urban Studies

Annika Hinze, Associate Professor of Political Science
Urban Comparative Politics, Immigration, Religious/Ethnic/National Identity, Urban Neighborhood Space

Rose Hill:
Faber Hall, Room 676


Westenley Alcenat, Assistant Professor of History
African American Protest, American Slavery, Transatlantic Abolitionism, Haitian Revolution, Black Radicalism.

Bruce Berg, Professor of Political Science
New York City Politics, Government, Urban Health Policy

Colin Cathcart, Associate Professor of Architecture
Architecture, Urban Design, Sustainable Development

Greta Gilbertson, Associate Professor of Anthropology
Urban Anthropology, Ethnicity, Gender

Christina Greer, Associate Professor of Political Science
Urban Politics, Black Ethnic Politics, American Politics, Public Opinion

Julie Kleinman, Associate Professor of Anthropology
Migration, Borders, Urban Studies, Labor, Race, Infrastructure, Social Movements

James Lewis, Professor and Department Chair of Biological Sciences
Environment, Urbanization, Invasive Organisms, Global Climate Change, Habitat Fragmentation.

Michael Marmé, Assistant Professor of History
Socio-economic History of Late Imperial China, with special reference to the city of Suzhou.

Mark Naison, Professor of History, African and African-American Studies
African American History 20th Century.

Roger Panetta, Visiting Professor of History
American West, Prison History, Skyline, Skyscrapers

Chris Rhomberg, Professor of Sociology
Urban Sociology, Labor Movements, Social Theory

Clara Rodriguez, Professor of Sociology
Racial/Ethnic Classifications, The Media, Latinos.

Emily Rosenbaum, Professor of Sociology
Urban Demography, Inequality, Immigration, Housing Policy, Family/Household Demography

Aseel Sawalha, Associate Professor of Anthropology
Global Cities, Urban Anthropology

Daniel Soyer, Professor of History
American Immigration, American Jewish History, New York City Politics

Mark Street, Assistant Professor of Visual Arts
Film, Video

Meiping Sun, Assistant Professor of Economics
Urban Economics and Applied Microeconomics

Harold Takooshian, Professor of Psychology and Urban Studies, Director of the Organizational Leadership Program
Behavioral Research, Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Social psychology, Psychometrics, Student Excellence, International Psychology, General Psychology

Troy Tassier, Associate Professor of Economics
Microeconomics, Social Network Theory

Rosemary Wakeman, Professor of History, Coordinator of University Urban Initiatives
Urban History, European Cities, Social History of Architecture