Strategies and Tips

Facts About Corporate and Foundation Relations and Tips for Succeeding

Raising the Bar

  • Keep CFR and senior campus leaders informed about your work and relationships – senior leader relationships are key to transformational support
  • Spread the word. Introduce your colleagues to foundation funders, mention their research, and mentor junior faculty
  • Be part of a team effort across campus to share information about who knows whom, the history of the relationship, and knowledge about individual foundations

Thinking Strategically

  • Successful corporate and foundation relations is all about relationship building and long-term funding versus transactional giving (i.e., a one-time grant for a single project)
  • Determine Fordham’s “first and onlys?” What is Fordham University doing that no one else is doing
  • Get campus leaders connected to foundation leaders (peer-to-peer level)
  • Help the campus community focus on inspiring, big ideas
  • Work together on a case for support

What You Can Do

  • Build relationships with your foundation contacts or develop relationships with help from CFR – including inviting foundation program staff to your events as attendees or a speakers
  • Leverage existing foundation relationships
  • Engage alumni who are in the private sector

Focus on the foundation’s objectives

  • Align with the Foundation’s mission
  • Ensure the project has an impact and serves as a catalyst to further their goals

How to Succeed

  • Find the match
    • Use funding opportunity databases (e.g., Foundation Directory Online, GrantForward) and network with colleagues, mentors, and members of your professional societies
  • Investigate before you contact a foundation -- each entity has its own culture and requirements
    • Understand the initiative's review criteria
    • Identify your project’s “first and onlys”
    • Understand your project in the national context
    • Be clear on how your project fits the foundation’s mission
  • Make a connection
    • Reach out to a program officer
    • Ask the foundation’s advice
    • Understand the foundation’s review process so that you know your audience

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