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Campus Ministry

Welcome to Campus Ministry!

A community where you can explore your faith, learn about justice and deepen your relationship with God!

Group Retreat

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Feed Your Soul

St. Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Jesuit Order, understood his mission to be that of “caring for souls”. Campus Ministry continues that mission today by offering opportunities for you to engage both your heart and mind as you explore what you believe and how that informs what you hope to do with your Fordham education, and what kind of Fordham Graduate you will become.

Rooted in our Catholic and Jesuit identity and animated by our Ignatian tradition of encountering God in everyday life, we are a community where people of all faith traditions are welcome. Whether you are Catholic, Jewish, Hindu, Orthodox, Christian, Muslim or exploring, we invite you to one of the many Campus Ministry events we offer throughout the year and explore one of the many clubs and organizations that call Campus Ministry home.