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Creative Writing Degree Offerings

English Major with a Creative Writing Concentration


Admission to the English Major with a Creative Writing Concentration is competitive and is based on the strength of the Cover Letter and Writing Sample. 

Applicants must:

  • Be in their sophomore or junior year
  • Submit a cover letter and writing sample by completing this Application form between October 1 and November 1.
    • Cover Letter (1,000 words maximum): Explain how your personal background and life experiences (social, cultural, familial, educational) or other opportunities or challenges have motivated your decision to pursue an English Major with a Creative Writing Concentration. In addition, tell us about your academic and research background, your career goals, and how the English Major with a Creative Writing Concentration will help you meet your educational objectives.
    • Writing Sample (1,500 words maximum): You may send prose, poetry or any mixture of genres. Please use 12 pt. font. Prose pieces must be double-spaced. Submissions that do not comply with these rules will not be considered. 

Notification on application status will go out by email to all applicants by December 15.

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How should I approach the writing of my Cover Letter and Writing Sample?

In terms of the Cover Letter, we're looking for your authentic reasons for wanting to apply to the Creative Writing Concentration. Just lean in and tell the truth about your intentions. As for Writing Sample, we're looking for your best writing. Send work that electrifies you, that showcases your voice, interests, and passions. 

Can I receive feedback on my application?

Due to the number of submissions we receive, we are unable to give feedback on individual applications.

Creative Writing Minor

The Creative Writing minor allows English majors to take additional creative writing courses as part of their course of study. Non-English majors can also declare the Creative Writing minor.

View Minor Requirements

To declare a Creative Writing Minor, complete the online Creative Writing Minor Declaration form.

Applications for the Creative Writing Minor are accepted throughout the school year.

Departmental Honors in English

Departmental Honors in English

The department offers an honors option for seniors with a GPA of 3.6 or higher in the English major who wish to do an ambitious piece of research and writing under the individual direction of faculty or in conjunction with a departmental seminar (suggested length is 30-40 pages double-spaced). Faculty Advisors can be any full-time faculty member or Writer in Residence. The thesis is to be written over the course of one semester while the student is enrolled in an individual tutorial with the faculty advisor (ENGL 4998)

Preceding Semester

  • Student determines a potential topic and potential faculty advisor in consultation with one of the Associate Chairs or the Director of Creative Writing (please consult the individual who is most relevant).
  • Student meets with potential faculty advisor to discuss the topic and parameters of the thesis.
  • Student submits an application to write a thesis to the relevant Associate Chair or Director of Creative Writing. To write a thesis in the spring semester, student must submit the application by October 15 of the previous semester. To write a thesis in the fall semester, student must submit the application by March 1 of the previous semester. The application consists of a) a one-page proposal describing the thesis topic and b) a one-page bibliography listing relevant sources for the research and writing of the thesis. The application will be evaluated by the Associate Chair or Director of Creative Writing and the potential faculty advisor.
  • If approved to write a thesis, student registers for ENGL 4998, a four-credit “English Honors Thesis Tutorial.” This course counts for credit toward the English major and the English major with a creative writing concentration.
  • Students writing a thesis in the fall also have the option of enrolling in ENGL 8996, the “MA Capstone” seminar, in place of ENGL 4998. The faculty member leading ENGL 8996 would serve as the student’s thesis advisor. This seminar is recommended for students interested in working on their theses in the structured environment of a course.

Beginning of Semester

  • Early in semester, student meets with faculty advisor to begin work on the thesis.
  • With the help of the faculty advisor and Associate Chair or Director of Creative Writing, student finds a second reader for the thesis.


  • Deadline for the first completed draft of the thesis is mid-semester. Student should consult with the faculty advisor on the exact deadline.
  • Student determines date for thesis defense (which should take shortly after submission of the completed thesis and before the last day of classes) with faculty advisor and second reader and emails Rose Hill or Lincoln Center Department administrative assistants (copying faculty advisor and second reader) to reserve a classroom for the thesis defense.

End of Semester

  • Deadline for completed thesis is three weeks before the end of classes.
  • The completed thesis will include a cover sheet, which the faculty advisor and second reader must sign at the defense and indicate if further revision is required (each must check off either "OK as is" or "OK with revisions"; any necessary changes will be discussed at length). Cover sheets are located here. If additional revision is required, the final deadline for the completed thesis is within a week of the defense..
  • Following the thesis defense (which consists of a short presentation or reading of the thesis—whichever is more appropriate—and a question and answer session), the faculty advisor and second reader determine whether the thesis qualifies the student for departmental honors.
  • Faculty advisor gives grade for ENGL 4998 on (or ENGL 8996 when appropriate).