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Religion@Fordham is a platform and a portal to the many ways in which the Jesuit University of New York engages with the varieties of religious experience today. It is also an avenue for highlighting and amplifying our ongoing push for a distinctive excellence that will continue to generate energy, insight, and creativity both within the University and beyond.

By virtue of its institutional identity, Fordham University enjoys a long history of commitment to the study, beliefs, and lived experience of religion. Grounded in the Ignatian tradition of Catholicism, and drawing on the wider stream of Christian faith, today these very traditions call the University to a radical openness to all the ways of religious knowing and spiritual belonging.

The University’s strategic planning framework, for instance, articulates the aspiration to “position Fordham as an institution known internationally for its expertise regarding the centrality of faith in human culture and the emerging questions of global religious conflict.” This aspiration is "grounded in the University's longstanding strengths in the study of religious ideas and texts, languages, and cultures.”

Moreover, much of the activity at Fordham is premised on the commitment to dialogue and reconciliation articulated over 50 years ago in the seminal declaration of the Second Vatican Council, Nostra Aetate. That dialogue was to be grounded in mutual knowledge among religious traditions encouraged at every level.

Fordham is home to a number of divisions with distinct but related missions in regard to the advancement of our understanding of religion.

They include:

  • Mission Integration and Planning
  • Department of Theology
  • Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education
  • Francis and Ann Curran Center for American Catholic Studies
  • Center on Religion and Culture
  • Center for Jewish Studies
  • Laurence J. McGinley, S.J., Chair in Religion and Society
  • Orthodox Christian Studies Center
  • Institute on Religion, Law, and Lawyer’s Work

Attentive to shared interests and concerns, these units mutually encourage efforts that enhance Fordham University’s capacity and reputation for distinctive excellence in engaging with religion. Committed to advancing scholarship about, and/or the contemporary lived experience of one or more religious traditions, this partnership aims to facilitate communication among participating units (and with their respective constituents inside and outside the University), collaborative planning of events and initiatives, and shared thinking about future directions.