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Director of Urban Studies

Annika Hinze, Associate Professor of Political Science
Urban Comparative Politics, Immigration, Religious/Ethnic/National Identity, Urban Neighborhood Space

Annika Hinze

Urban Studies / Faculty / Annika Hinze

email: [email protected]

Rose Hill:
Faber Hall, Room 676


Bruce Berg, Professor of Political Science
New York City Politics, Government, Urban Health Policy

Bruce Berg

Urban Studies / Faculty / Bruce Berg

email: [email protected]

Colin Cathcart, Associate Professor of Architecture
Architecture, Urban Design, Sustainable Development

Colin Cathcart

Urban Studies / Faculty / Colin Cathcart

website: Kiss + Cathcart

Greta Gilbertson, Associate Professor of Anthropology
Urban Anthropology, Ethnicity, Gender

Greta A. Gilbertson

Sociology and Anthropology / Faculty / Greta Gilbertson

email: gil[email protected]

  • "Transnational Mobility, Domestic Arenas, and Carework Among Immigrant Women from the Dominican Republic." Latino(a) Research Review, Vol. 7 (2010): 37-58.
  • "Caregiving across Generations: Aging, State Assistance, and Multigenerational Ties among Immigrants from the Dominican Republic." Across Generations: Immigrant Families in America. New York: NYU Press, 2009.
  • "Citizenship in a Globalized World." Migration Information Source, January (2006).

Christina Greer, Associate Professor of Political Science
Urban Politics, Black Ethnic Politics, American Politics, Public Opinion

Christina Greer

Urban Studies / Faculty / Christina Greer

email: [email protected]

Julie Kleinman, Associate Professor of Anthropology
Migration, Borders, Urban Studies, Labor, Race, Infrastructure, Social Movements

Julie Kleinman

Sociology and Anthropology / Faculty / Julie Kleinman

email: [email protected]

James Lewis, Professor and Department Chair of Biological Sciences
Environment, Urbanization, Invasive Organisms, Global Climate Change, Habitat Fragmentation.

James Lewis

Biological Sciences / Biological Sciences Faculty / James D. Lewis

email: [email protected]

Michael Marmé, Assistant Professor of History
Socio-economic History of Late Imperial China, with special reference to the city of Suzhou.


History / Faculty / Michael Marme

email: [email protected]

Mark Naison, Professor of History, African and African-American Studies
African American History 20th Century.

Mark Naison

African & African American Studies / African & African American Studies Faculty / Mark D. Naison

blog: With A Brooklyn Accent
email: [email protected]

Bronx African American History Project

Roger Panetta, Visiting Professor of History
American West, Prison History, Skyline, Skyscrapers

Roger Panetta

Urban Studies / Faculty / Roger Panetta

email: [email protected]

Chris Rhomberg, Professor of Sociology
Urban Sociology, Labor Movements, Social Theory

Chris Rhomberg

Sociology and Anthropology / Faculty / Chris Rhomberg

email: [email protected]

Clara Rodriguez, Professor of Sociology
Racial/Ethnic Classifications, The Media, Latinos.

Clara E. Rodriguez

Urban Studies / Faculty / Clara E. Rodriguez

email: [email protected]

Emily Rosenbaum, Professor of Sociology
Urban Demography, Inequality, Immigration, Housing Policy, Family/Household Demography

Emily Rosenbaum

Sociology and Anthropology / Faculty / Emily V. Rosenbaum

email: [email protected]

Aseel Sawalha, Associate Professor of Anthropology
Global Cities, Urban Anthropology

Aseel Sawalha

Sociology and Anthropology / Faculty / Aseel Sawalha

email: [email protected]

Daniel Soyer, Professor of History
American Immigration, American Jewish History, New York City Politics

Daniel Soyer

History / Faculty / Daniel Soyer

email: [email protected]

Mark Street, Assistant Professor of Visual Arts
Film, Video

Mark Street

Urban Studies / Faculty / Mark Street

website: Mark Street Films
email: [email protected]

Harold Takooshian, Professor of Psychology and Urban Studies, Director of the Organizational Leadership Program
Behavioral Research, Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Social psychology, Psychometrics, Student Excellence, International Psychology, General Psychology

Harold Takooshian

Psychology / Psychology Faculty and Staff / Harold Takooshian

blog: Not Just a Bystander
email: [email protected]

Troy Tassier, Associate Professor of Economics
Microeconomics, Social Network Theory

Troy Tassier

Economics / Economics Faculty / Troy L. Tassier

email: [email protected]

Rosemary Wakeman, Professor of History, Coordinator of University Urban Initiatives
Urban History, European Cities, Social History of Architecture

Rosemary Wakeman

Urban Studies / Faculty / Rosemary Wakeman

email: [email protected]