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Moshe Gold

Moshe Gold

Associate Professor

PhD, Columbia University

Research and Teaching Interests: Rhetoric and writing; James Joyce; modernism; film; pedagogy; hermeneutics; and literary theory

About Moshe Gold

Moshe Gold is an Associate Professor of English.  He researches and teaches courses in literary and critical theories, modernisms, film, short stories, and James Joyce.  For over thirty years, he has delighted and instructed both undergraduate and graduate students in his courses on Horror films, ethics, and fiction.  A co-editor of the Joyce Studies Annual, Gold has published on James Joyce, Plato, Emmanuel Levinas, Jacques Derrida, and the Talmud in a variety of academic journals such as RepresentationsSymplokeELTCriticismJoyce Studies AnnualJames Joyce Quarterly. He has lectured publicly on an eclectic range of topics such as pedagogy, hermeneutics, Joyce, film, and Hemingway.  In addition, he has published essays in Levinas and Medieval Literature and in Of Elephants and Toothaches: Ethics, Politics, and Religion in Krzysztof Kieslowski’s Decalogue.  Recentlyhe co-edited and contributed to the collection of essays entitled Of Levinas and Shakespeare: ‘To See Another Thus.’