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Supporting Student Success

8.4 College and Departmental Tutoring Services

Gabelli School of Business: Father Boyle Society members provide peer-to-peer tutoring for students seeking assistance in a business course. Interested students should visit SSC Navigate, stop by the Gabelli Study Center (Hughes Hall 4th floor), or email Brian Dunn at to reserve a tutor.

Fordham College at Rose Hill and Fordham College Lincoln Center offer tutoring services for most academic departments, free of charge. For any subject area not listed below, please consult with the associate chair for undergraduates of the department. Please visit for details.

Biological Sciences: Biology student tutors are available for walk-in
meetings in the Larkin Hall First-Floor Student Lounge.

Chemistry: The department offers free, walk-in tutoring for general chemistry and organic chemistry courses.

Classical Languages (Greek and Latin): Graduate students in the department provide tutoring for undergraduates in Greek and Latin. Students can consult either their professor or the Chair of the Department of Classics for further details

Computer Science: Tutoring is available for students at both campuses in JMH 301 (RH) and LL 601 (LC). Tutors are available for Structures of Computer Science (CISC 1100) and Discrete Structures (CISC 1400). For more information, contact Palma Sisca in John Mulcahy Hall 340 or at 718-817-4480.

Economics: The Economics Tutoring Center is available to assist students in preparing for classes, examinations, and homework, and in mastering the fundamentals of economics. At Rose Hill, the Economics Tutoring Center is located in Dealy Hall E-535. At Lincoln Center, we use several locations for the Economics Tutoring Center. Please see Kerri Maguire in Lowenstein 924 to direct you to the tutoring center location (212-636-6381). Visit the tutoring center’s website at for more information.

English: Each of Fordham’s three campuses has a Writing Center. At Rose Hill, the Writing Center is located in the Walsh Library Reference Area, Room 121. At Lincoln Center, it is located in the Quinn Library at 140 W. 62nd Street, Room 233. The Westchester Campus Writing Center is for Professional and Continuing Studies students and is located in Room 202. Students can register and schedule appointments online at

Modern Languages: Free tutoring, practice, and conversation is available in all languages taught by the department. Skilled junior and senior language majors and students who are native speakers serve as tutors. No appointment is needed, but students should check individual tutors’ hours before visiting.

The language learning centers in Keating B25 (RH) and LL 412 (LC) also provide instructional technology for language students, as well as access to international television stations and films.

Philosophy: The Philosophers’ Society (Fordham’s undergraduate philosophy club) offers a help room for undergraduate students seeking assistance in understanding material from their core classes. Students are free to ask for help from junior and senior philosophy majors, to ask questions about material covered in their classes, and to seek advice in writing successful papers.

The Department of Philosophy also offers more formal one-on-one tutoring for students who request it. For more information, contact Margaret Donovan at

Physics: The Department of Physics and Engineering Physics provides students with tutoring for introductory physics courses. Contact the department secretary, Esther Morgan, in Freeman Hall 208 or at for further information.