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Supporting Student Success

8.7 Academic Advising for Student-Athletes

Director: Francis P. Taylor III
Rose Hill: Keating Hall 106, 718-817-4660,

The primary mission of the Office of Academic Advising for Student-Athletes is to provide Fordham University’s more than 500 NCAA student-athletes with the resources and direction needed to achieve their scholastic potential and to prepare them for post-graduate scholastic, athletic, and career opportunities. The office brings a breadth and depth of experience in athletics and higher education to their many responsibilities. These responsibilities include general academic counseling, eligibility monitoring, assistance in maintaining satisfactory progress toward degrees, and course scheduling. Mid- and post-semester grade reviews are conducted every semester.

The office has a staff of full-time administrators who are dedicated to working with, and for, Fordham’s student-athletes. Direct interaction between the faculty and advisers is highly encouraged any time that a question, concern, or opportunity for scholastic improvement presents itself. Advisers can assist instructors with absence accommodation—including proctoring quizzes, midterms, and finals—if necessary. Consider the office as an extension of your teaching resources.