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Supporting Student Success

8.8 The Campion Institute

Fordham strongly encourages eligible students to compete for fellowships and grants. The Office for Prestigious Fellowships connects students with these opportunities. Students who apply for these awards receive support for research and advanced studies, and the application process often yields important long-term benefits. Many award competitions demand immediate action during the first few weeks of classes in the fall, particularly those competitions of interest to graduating seniors. Those students who intend to apply for external scholarships should see Ms. Maria Fortier, Assistant Director of Prestigious Fellowships for Rose Hill (, Maria Noonan, Assistant Director of Prestigious Fellowships for Rose Hill (, or Marisa Iglesias, Assistant Director of Prestigious Fellowships for Lincoln Center ( Students interested in the Fulbright Scholarship and other Institute of International Education opportunities should contact Anna Beskin (

The Office of Prestigious Fellowships holds meetings and workshops that alert students to different opportunities and provide guidance on different elements of the application process, such as proposal writing and interviewing techniques. Certain students are recommended to work closely with faculty mentors in composing their fellowship applications. More information, especially about individual fellowships, may be found at

The Office of Prestigious Fellowships is part of the Campion Institute, which was created to advance excellence throughout the University, thus enhancing the University’s reputation both nationally and internationally. Under the patronage of the 16th-century scholar and martyr St. Edmund Campion, the institute exists to encourage students to undertake ever more challenging intellectual opportunities in the Ignatian tradition of magis, through the development of discernment and eloquentia perfecta, not merely for self-interest but more for the service of humanity.

The director of the Campion Institute is John Ryle Kezel (, and the Campion Institute’s offices are located in Thebaud Hall 106, 107, and 108, and in Martino Hall 715, 716.