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Office of Faculty Affairs

The Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs serves the academic personnel needs of the faculty, departments, and schools. The Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs is responsible for the coordination and facilitation of faculty appointment, reappointment, tenure, promotion, and merit awards.

The Office of Faculty Affairs also manages the phased retirement program, the processing of stipends and check requests, and adjunct contracts. The office maintains faculty files and the faculty activity report database, provides data to the schools and the Faculty Senate on staffing and open lines, and supports retired faculty through the counselor to retired faculty.

Faculty Highlights

Office Contacts

Rebeca Velazquez
Director, Faculty Affairs
[email protected]
Office: 718-817-3051
Fax: 718-817-0525

Ji Seon Lee, PhD, MSSW, MPA
Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs
[email protected]
Office: 718-817-3048

Dave Stuhr
Counselor to Retired Faculty
[email protected]
Office: 718-817-3045