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Meet the Team

Alan Cafferkey Headshot

Alan Cafferkey

Director of Faculty Technology Services

Having served as director since 2013, Alan views his job as being an advocate for faculty on technology issues. During his tenure he has overseen the evolution of the department's services, including offering a robust series of workshops and events, the development of the Academic Computing Environment (ACE), increasing support for online learning, launching a liaison program between Fordham IT and all academic areas, improving the University's learning management system, and expanding ITs annual faculty-focused conference, Faculty Technology Day. He is also vice chair of the University's Change Management Board.

Prior to joining IT, Alan was an assistant dean at Fordham's Gabelli School of Business, where he advised freshman and then juniors, helped develop and co-chair the Integrated Learning Community for Global Business (ILC-GB), and chaired the school's academic integrity committee. He has also taught composition courses for Fordham as an adjunct professor.

Alan received an MA in English from Fordham University and is currently working on a PhD from the Education, Leadership, Administration and Policy division of the Graduate School of Education.

Heather Hill

Heather V. Hill

Instructional Technologist

Since joining the team in the fall semester of 2018, Heather has supported faculty and instructors through the creation and development of digital projects in the Academic Computer Environment (ACE).  She also serves as a liaison to graduate students and designs resources to support their digital research and teaching.  Heather is especially passionate about digital humanities (DH), accessibility, and user experience (UX), and is excited to help the Fordham community implement these ideas in their work.

Heather has a background in Medieval Studies (M.A., Fordham University) and Library & Information Science (M.S.L.I.S., Pratt Institute).  She has had broad training in digital humanities tools, including mapping platforms, text analysis, photo analysis, and information visualization, and has conducted methodological research regarding the history of digital humanities. Heather also developed digital library learning objects as an Instructional Design Intern at the New York City College of Technology (City Tech) and conducted user tests for clients engaged in academic librarianship and archival work.

Heather is delighted to return to Fordham as an Instructional Technologist and is eager to share her knowledge and experience with the community.

Shawn Hill Headshot

Shawn Hill

Instructional Technologist

Shawn assists arts and humanities faculty with incorporating technology into their teaching, research, and publishing. With a focus on the digital humanities, Shawn helps Fordham faculty expand their scholarship via the implementation of digital tools and methodologies.

Shawn has a background in visual culture (BFA, York University), education (B.Ed, York University), and English (TEFL, International House) and has lived and taught in 7 countries in North America, Europe and Asia. In 2005, he graduated with an MA in liberal studies at Wesleyan University with a concentration in visual culture.

With over 14 years of experience working in higher education, Shawn brings passionate enthusiasm for Fordham's mission of fostering world-class scholarship and exemplary teaching within our diverse community. Shawn's primary role is helping faculty evaluate, choose and implement the most effective technology tool or process to enrich their research and teaching.

Lindsay Karp Headshot

Lindsay Karp

Senior Instructional Technologist

As a Senior Instructional Technologist, Lindsay develops technology resources, presents new and emerging technologies to faculty and staff, and teaches them how to incorporate these new technologies into the classroom. Since joining the department in 2007, she has developed and designed a variety of technology resources, training sessions and technology guides for University programs. She is one of the University's most experienced Blackboard administrators, providing Blackboard technical support and training. Additionally, as an ed tech trainer, Lindsay is responsible for scheduled group workshops and develops one-on-one targeted training for faculty.

Lindsay has a passion for media and communications. As a communications and computer science specialist, she provides support so that others can achieve their media goals. She has credits as a writer, director, editor and producer for her own film and has also worked on several films and documentaries as cameraman, assistant director and editor. Her extensive media experience makes her a key figure in designing instructional technology materials, including the creation of videos and multimedia content for Fordham's online degree programs. She has advanced television studio experience, as well as a background in photography, graphic design and videography.

Lindsay has also served as an assistant professor in drama, dance and art at the Lincoln Center Institute, developing curriculum for New York City public school teachers to incorporate the arts into K-12 education. She successfully completed Fordham IT's Laureate Program for leadership development and has earned a Masters in Cybersecurity Summa Cum Laude from Fordham's Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

Kanchan Thaokar 240x240

Kanchan Thaokar

Technical Manager of the Academic Computing Environment

Kanchan works with Fordham's faculty to facilitate the use of technology in teaching, learning and research via expert consulting, support, and direct implementation. She actively engages with both the technology and instructional support communities at Fordham and beyond, helping faculty make effective use of Fordham's vast resources, technology and otherwise. This includes the Academic Computing Environment (ACE), which she manages.

Kanchan brings over 14 years of experience from various industries, including finance, manufacturing, and technology. In addition, she has hands-on and in-depth knowledge and experience with software development.

Kanchan has earned a bachelor's of engineering in computer science. Most recently, she earned a masters in business management from Fordham's Gabelli School of Business. She looks forward to partnering with groups throughout the University who want to take advantage of ACE and Faculty Technology Services.

Kristen Treglia 240x240

Kristen Treglia

Senior Instructional Technologist

Since 2008, Kristen has given Fordham faculty engaging support, advice and training based on her deep understanding of digital pedagogical methods and their potential to improve learning outcomes. A strong belief in collaboration and sharing resources has led Kristen to develop wide-ranging resources focused on teaching best practices that use technology-based educational methods and materials, including over 100 online slide decks that have garnered more than a half a million views.

Kristen's broad experience helps faculty develop interactive lessons and activities both in the face-to-face format, as well as online. She is an experienced Blackboard administrator and is part of the distance learning team that designs and creates online courses at Fordham. Kristen is also well-versed in filmmaking including producing, directing, filming and editing video. She draws from this extensive experience to help faculty to create flipped classes.

Kristen is the author of The EdTech Bible, a multi-media ebook which shares her expertise with those new to the classroom, as well as experienced teachers looking for new ideas. The EdTech Bible is available on Amazon and iBooks. Kristen's website contains a variety of resources she has created or curated.

Prior to working at Fordham, Kristen taught high school math for ten years. She also holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Texas at Austin.

Nicole Zeidan Headshot

Nicole Zeidan

Instructional Technologist

Nicole is the designer and administrator for the Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education's online learning programs. In that role, she helps faculty develop and maintain their courses for the school's various online graduate degree programs.

As an instructional technologist, Nicole researches new and emerging technologies to see how they can enhance the faculty experience at Fordham and in the online programs. She also co-manages the Rose Hill Faculty Technology Center, provides a variety of training both in workshop and one-on-one formats, and helps administer the University's learning management system, Blackboard.

A mainstay at Fordham IT, prior to joining Faculty Technology Services, Nicole served as part of the IT Customer Care team, Student Technology Services and Training, and before that, the User Support team. She is a moderator for Fordham IT's Innovation group. Her involvement also includes Fordham's Gmail migration, the 25Live roll out, and Gabelli's move to Hughes Hall. Prior to joining Fordham, Nicole worked as an IT coordinator for a private law firm and as an IT specialist for IBM.

Nicole successfully completed Fordham ITs Laureate Program for leadership development, and completed an executive masters in business administration from Fordham's Gabelli School of Business in 2016. She is currently working on her EdD at the Graduate School of Education. Nicole was the 2016 recipient of the Gabelli School Business' MBA Student Leadership Award.