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Recent Updates Fordham offices remain staffed and operating remotely. The University has released its plan, Fordham Forward, to fully resume in-person teaching and learning for the Fall semester. Full Details

IT Professional Development Activities

Fordham IT staff are required to pursue professional development to ensure that their skills keep pace with industry standards and their peers. Fordham IT's internal professional development and staff engagement opportunities are described below.

Innovation Walk
Think! Walk! Talk! Several times a year, Fordham IT staff take an invigorating together to discuss and brainstorm subjects related to Fordham IT’s services and resources. Discussions may include new initiatives, and work and life challenges. These walks, which take place at either the NY Botanical Gardens or Central Park, promote good health and give staff an opportunity to spend time outside of their work routine to learn and share with others.

Coaching Cafe
Coaching Cafe is a personal and professional development opportunity open to all members of Fordham IT regardless of their position or function. During the 90-minute session, individuals in small groups explore work-related challenges of mutual concern and reflect on how they handle them. A single challenge serves as the unifying theme for each Coaching Cafe event.

CIO Gatherings
Several times of the year, the Office of the CIO hosts a gathering for the entire IT staff, enabling colleagues to meet, greet, and celebrate each other. Events include the annual holiday party, a year-end BBQ, and a wellness lunch.

Women in IT
More than 50 percent of IT staff are men, which means that IT women are usually in the minority at meetings and in teams. Women in IT gives IT’s women a chance to talk about professional and personal subjects that interest them in a setting where they are not the minority voice.

Laureate Program
The Fordham IT Laureate Program is a professional leadership development program designed for select Fordham IT staff. The program encourages learning about new management styles, models of engagement, project management, and working collaboratively across departmental divisions. The Laureate Program’s goal is to produce capable and empowered individuals throughout Fordham IT who exercise day-to-day leadership in their current positions to positively impact the organization and the University. (This program ended in February 2020).

Any Fordham IT staff may be a mentor, mentee, or both. Mentors gain the satisfaction of sharing their expertise with mentees looking to advance their skills and knowledge. Mentees gain valuable access to experts who can share their experience, advice, and direction.