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Wedding Liturgy

Planning Catholic Wedding Liturgy

Planning your wedding ceremony is an important part of celebrating your sacramental marriage. 4 months prior to your wedding, please contact Kathryn Anderson Kuo at to begin completing the Wedding Liturgy Planner. Using this document, Kathryn Anderson Kuo will assist you in organizing the structure of the ceremony, from the Processional to Recessional. This includes, selecting scripture readings, writing prayers of the faithful, assigning gift-bearers, and organizing other details that will make your ceremony more personal. The ceremony is also a wonderful opportunity for guests to participate in the wedding as Ushers, Lectors, Gift-bearers, and Eucharistic Ministers. Completing the Wedding Liturgy Planner ensures that the Campus Ministers who will assist you on the day of your wedding will have all of the information they need to make your day go smoothly.


Bride and Groom Praying

Couples should come prepared and on time for the marriage rehearsal, bringing along the readers, gift-bearers, ushers, and anyone else involved in the marriage ceremony. The organist and musicians do not attend wedding rehearsals. The marriage license obtained from the state of New York (obtained within 60 days of the wedding) must also be brought to the rehearsal. You may bring the programs and other items for the ceremony as well, and we will lock them in the safe overnight. Rehearsals are usually scheduled on the Thursday or Friday before the wedding date at 5 PM, 6 PM, or 7 PM. You may make arrangements for the rehearsal time when you book your wedding or soon thereafter. The time is booked in the order received.

A trained student marriage minister will conduct the rehearsal for your wedding party and direct all proceedings on your wedding day. Please respect the authority of the University Church staff and follow these directions. It is best if all members of your wedding party and the officiant performing your marriage attend so that all will be comfortable with their respective roles. Make sure to bring your civil marriage license with you to the rehearsal.