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Aug. 10, 2020 Update Fordham Forward, the plan to resume in-person teaching and learning on Aug. 26, is available below, along with extensive resources for students, parents, faculty, and staff. Full Details

Law School Coronavirus Updates

Message from Dean Matthew Diller

We are committed to the health, well-being, and safety of our students, faculty, and staff. In response to the coronavirus outbreak, the Law School transitioned in March to remote instruction, closed our campus, and canceled all in-person events. Our current intention is to open our beautiful building for the fall semester on a limited basis. Updates will be posted here when available. Read the law school FAQ for additional information. For the latest from the University, please visit their pages covering updates and FAQs

Read Fordham Law School Safety Guidelines


Key Topic Areas


The fall semester will begin as scheduled on August 26. We will offer both in-person instruction in our building as well as remote instruction. Some students will be fully online, while others will have the option of hybrid learning. Our current course schedule is available here, along with a Fall 2020 Schedule Memo for returning students. The public health situation is evolving, and thus our plans are subject to change as needed.

To review prior communications regarding our plans for fall classes, please refer to the following email links:


Academic Plan

To advance our academic mission and the student learning experience, we will:

  • Provide our typical robust course offerings, grade on our traditional curve, and ensure clinics can use the building for legal practice.
  • Offer a good selection of upper level courses taught in the building. Registration will begin July 20.
  • Redouble faculty efforts with virtual learning through a series of summer training sessions that will enhance students’ online learning.
  • Support co-curricular activities so these remain a vibrant part of the academic program.
  • Ensure that the law library delivers engaging remote research assistance and other services and remains open as a controlled, physically distanced study space.
  • Reserve additional study space in the building.
  • Enable students to build an all-online schedule, including all required courses and a robust selection of electives.

Safety Plan


Read Fordham Law School Safety Guidelines

In light of significant health concerns, there will be many changes to the way we engage with each other in the fall. The cornerstone of our approach is an understanding that we all need to change our behavior to protect the health of everyone in our community. Building on the University's plan, we will use a variety of tools to mitigate risk, including a daily screening protocol, required face coverings for everyone in the building, physical distance in all our spaces, and testing and contact tracing. We are scheduling classes to limit the total number of people in the building.

To further prevent the virus’ spread, the in-person component of the fall semester will end at Thanksgiving break, which begins on Wednesday, November 25, with the remaining classes and exams held online. 

The Law School is taking many measures to limit the spread of COVID-19 among our community including:

  • Operating at a lower density and instituting social distancing standards in all facilities
  • Undertaking enhanced cleaning measures
  • Requiring the use of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Pursuing daily health screening to monitor, trace, and isolate potential infections
  • Educating around behaviors that minimize risk and support the health of students, employees, and our local community

For the latest news regarding health requirements, please review the Law School FAQ.

Mandatory Quarantine

Governor Cuomo is requiring a 14-day quarantine period for people arriving in New York from certain U.S. states. If you are affected by this order, please plan ahead and come to New York at least two weeks in advance of your first trip into the building.

Student Services

You will have access to the full range of student services, including the Career Planning Center, the Office of Student Affairs, and the Financial Aid Office, with most of the services offered remotely. 


Careers - J.D. Students

We have been in touch with employers to ensure that our students are well positioned in the job market despite the pandemic. We are moving Early Interview Week (EIW) to January. This has two major advantages:

  • The Class of 2022 will have another semester of grades uninterrupted by the outbreak.
  • Firms have mentioned that seeing students in their 2L year will allow them to meet with more fully developed law students, ones that have become involved with their school's journals, moot court teams and student organizations.  And, they might have a better idea of what practice area they are interested in.

All Career Planning Center team members are available for remote appointments, mock interviews via skype or Zoom, resume and cover letter reviews, and to answer any question you may have related to your job search.

Careers – LL.M., M.S.L., and S.J.D. Students

Our Graduate Professional Development Program (GPDP) counselor and services remain available to our graduate students. We also host a regular remote professionalism series, as announced on LawNet.

Students in our Compliance programs in addition can contact Robert Mascola for guidance, and students in our Fashion Law programs can contact Ariele Elia.



Our events have moved online. For further information, please visit the events calendar.

Mental Health

Fordham’s Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS) remains committed to supporting students’ mental and emotional health and well-being:

CPS will continue to provide essential clinical services, including triages, crisis intervention, individual counseling, psychiatric evaluations and medication management, and can provide these services remotely by phone, Zoom or Web-ex as necessary. Students may schedule an initial screening or crisis appointment by calling 718-812-3725 or 212-636-6225.

For students already receiving counseling or psychiatric services at CPS, they can contact their counselor directly to coordinate upcoming appointments.

About Coronavirus

Please visit the University page for the latest information about the coronavirus.

The best sources for current information on the outbreak are the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), New York City Department of Health, and your state department of health.