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Members of the University community should respond to the daily VitalCheck prompt at least 30 minutes prior to entering campus.

Local Drive Usage Advisory


Fordham IT


Faculty, students, administrative officials, staff, alumni, authorized guests, delegates, and independent contractors.

Effective Date


Implementation Information

Review Frequency: Triennial
Responsible Person: Chief Information Security Officer

Approved By:  Chief Technology Officer

Background Information

The purpose of this advisory is to ensure the University community is aware of the risks involved with saving files to directly connected to internal or external hard drives on laptops or desktops.


  • Fordham IT does not back up internal or external hard drives on laptops or desktops.
  • Although saving files to your local drive is not prohibited, you may risk losing your data, since Fordham IT cannot restore lost files saved on local drives.
  • Should you save files to your local drive, you are responsible for backing up data1.
  • Fordham IT provides secure storage where you can save your files. Call IT Customer Care at 718-817-3999 for instructions.


Local drive is the storage physically attached to your device, for example, C: drives, Macintosh HD, and thumb drive.

Revision History

Initial document

1 Certain data is prohibited from being stored on the local drives. Refer to the Data Classification Guidelines for more information.