Division of Student Affairs

The purpose of Student Affairs work at Fordham University is to create a campus culture that reflects and advances the Roman Catholic tradition of moral and intellectual  development pioneered and fostered by Jesuit colleges and universities. We seek to create, for and with our students, an intentional community that will set  the highest standards of academic, social, moral,and spiritual excellence. This community must bring to life, in a meaningful way, the fundamental ideals of  Jesuit education. The student, as individual and as part of the community, will be the center of our efforts, and will be expected to fully participate in the education offered by full participation in the community.

We are a student-centered division. Student Affairs professionals recognize and honor the intrinsic value, dignity, rights, and responsibilities of each student whose development is entrusted to us. We seek to actively assist our students in the development of their God-given talents, we strive to nurture in each a growing sense and appreciation of self-worth and dignity as well as a recognition of these qualities in others. Personal care and attention to the development of the individual student, in and of itself, will not fully realize our long-term aspirations for our students.  Work in Student Affairs pursues the greater goal of instilling in each student the moral values, social conscience and ethical sense that form the soil upon which leadership in service to others is rooted.

To realize our vision of community, and our aspirations for the students within it, we strive to recruit,select and develop Student Affairs staff members who are willing and able to become living models of personal and professional integrity. These women and men are committed to the values formation demanded by our Jesuit ideals. Our community is one where people make a difference in the lives of others. The professionals responsible for the development and nurturing of this community must therefore be living examples of what we expect our students to become.We are willing to establish clear and high standards for ourselves and, in turn, for the students entrusted to our care. Our responsibility as a division to attend to the development of our students as future leaders demands no less of us.