The initial loan you request should cover all terms you would like to borrow. We encourage you to make just one loan request for the year.  Your loan can always be decreased during the year at your request.

You will be notified when funds are posted to your account. If you decide you do not need these funds, you must email us at [email protected].  The email must be sent from the email address associated with your FSA ID. The timing of your loan disbursements depends on the loan period you choose. Your total loan amount is spread across the semesters you plan to attend.

For example:

If you request a loan covering the fall and spring terms, there will be two disbursements. Half of your loan will be disbursed at the beginning of the fall term and the other half at the beginning of the spring term.

If you request a loan for a single term, there will be one disbursement at the beginning of the term, and your total loan amount will be sent to Fordham in one payment.