Info for Full-Time Non-Tenure Track Faculty

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Full-time non-tenure track faculty are an essential part of Fordham’s academic community. We have created this webpage as a resource for information that pertains to your position here at Fordham.

Many full-time non-tenure track faculty are eligible for membership in the Service Employees International Union Local 200United. Please contact the Union for further information at [email protected]. The terms and conditions of employment for those who are eligible for union membership are covered by a collective bargaining agreement.


Full-time non-tenure track faculty are eligible to receive the same benefits as other full-time Fordham staff. Learn more about benefits for full-time staff.

Policies and Procedures

Full-time non-tenure track faculty should be familiar with the policies and procedures set forth in the undergraduate faculty handbook which contains important information. In addition, as members of the Fordham community, full-time non-tenure track faculty are covered by the University’s Code of Conduct and should be familiar with its content.

Many schools and colleges at Fordham also have additional guidelines that may be relevant to your employment at Fordham. You should ask your department chair, program director or dean whether there are any additional manuals or handbooks that apply to your position at Fordham.

Professional Development

Professional development funds are made available each fiscal year to full-time non-tenure track faculty. You can apply for funds by submitting to the Union a completed Full-Time Non-Tenure Track Bargaining Unit Member Professional Development Fund Application. In addition, we invite you to participate in professional development opportunities offered by Fordham University. Here is a link to upcoming faculty technology workshops.