Bronx Research Institute for Community Solutions

BRICS aims to deliver crucial research services to convey community and policy needs, mobilizing resources for impactful, transformative change.

We collaborate closely with local stakeholders, ensuring our projects resonate with the needs and values of the people they are designed to serve. Our partnerships with policy-makers and nonprofit organizations drive the relevance of our research, facilitating the creation of informed, actionable strategies that resonate on both local and national stages. Our unique approach encompasses multifaceted research methodologies, policy analysis, and community-driven solutions crafted and refined within the borough's rich cultural and historical context. 

The key focus areas of BRICS include providing essential research services to communicate community and policy needs. BRICS initiatives demonstrate our dedication to meeting the Bronx community's present and future needs. These include pioneering studies in environmental justice, smart city innovations, migration trends, educational equity, food security, economic development, and small business support.