Family Connect

Welcome to the Family Learning Connection program, a part of the CCEL Post-Secondary Pathways Program at Fordham University. Our program is designed to offer comprehensive support to students and parents as they navigate critical academic and personal milestones. We are committed to providing a well-rounded experience that blends college application guidance, personal development workshops, and career readiness training to empower families with the skills and knowledge required for success.

Program Overview

The Family Learning Connection program aims to make a meaningful impact on the journey of Bronx youth by providing comprehensive support to students and parents. Through a series of workshops and engagements, we aim to equip families with the tools and resources necessary to successfully navigate academic and personal development challenges.

Program Components

Student Engagement Parent Engagement
Our program offers a range of workshops and activities designed to support students in their academic and personal development journey. From college application guidance to stress management techniques, we provide students with the skills they need to succeed inside and outside the classroom. We understand the crucial role parents play in supporting their children's academic and personal growth. That's why we offer workshops specifically for parents, focusing on effective communication, understanding mental wellness factors, and developing essential career readiness skills.


Workshops and Engagement 

Programming Introductions

Career Readiness - Resume Writing/Dress for Success

Communicating Effectively with Children 

Mental Health Wellness

Programing Kick-off Equip parents and students with essential skills for crafting compelling resumes and excelling in interviews while providing knowledge about professional attire for various settings. Offer parents and students insights and strategies to enhance communication with their children, fostering understanding and support during pivotal academic and personal developmental stages. Equip parents and students with tools and knowledge to comprehend and address their children's mental and emotional well-being, fostering a supportive environment for holistic development. Tour of the Rosehill Campus and an interactive excursion of the Bronx Botanical Garden.

Engaged Faculty Partners

Engaged CAMPUS Partners

"I really enjoyed sharing my experiences as a Fordham student as well as my knowledge on career preparation post-high school graduation. I hope the lesson we taught communicated valuable information that high school students can use with their journey to success!"

~ Risa Iwazaki, GSB '26

"It was an absolute joy presenting to the curious high schoolers at the event. Their attentiveness and engagement made it the best experience yet, and I would recommend this event to everyone!"

~ Phuong Bui, GSB '27

Engaged Participants

Family Connect Students

“I expected to have interactive lessons and things that were relevant to us. I've had fun and met new people. I’m looking forward to learning new things and gaining connections.”

- Isabella Perez, 10th grade

“I expected to learn about careers and how to prepare for my future. My experience has been very good. I am looking forward to preparation for my future, also sports.”

- Efren Abundez, 9th grade
Family Connect Parents

“My experience so far has been terrific! I've learned more than I anticipated as an experienced parent. Looking forward to building relationships with the other parents.”

- Tanya Duprey, Engaged Parent

“I wasn't sure what the program was going to be like but I was open. The experiences here been very informative and I have walked away with tips and strategies. Would love a Part 2 on how to communicate with your child.”

- Kwafi Gray, Engaged Parent