International Student Financial Information

Fordham is required to verify that you have adequate financial resources to meet the tuition, fees, and living expenses of your full-time program. These costs are indicated on page two or page three of the AFCOE.

If you have dependents, you must also demonstrate funding for the living expenses of those dependents. The minimum required amount for both a spouse and child is indicated on page four of the AFCOE.

You must demonstrate your funding amount and source(s) by providing clear copies of these supporting documents. We prefer scanned/emailed documents, however, you may fax or mail them. We do not require originals – copies are fine. We suggest that you provide documents such as bank statements, employment letters, award letters, and certificates of deposit. If you are not sure whether your documentation meets our requirements, please send it to us. We will review it and let you know whether anything else is needed.