M.S. in Computer Science Student Testimonials

Dino_Becaj- Computer Science Testimonial photo

Dino Becaj, MSCS '21
Software Engineer, Apple

“I joined Fordham’s M.S. in Computer Science after completing my Undergraduate degree in Global Business. Because I lacked a computer science background, I had to work hard to make up for lost time. In addition to the coursework, I read all the assigned textbooks and wrote programs to test out things I learned. Becoming a great engineer requires a substantial time investment in both learning the material and in writing code. With Fordham’s available resources, I had all the tools I needed to become a better engineer — all I had to do was take advantage of them.”

Ezriel Ciriaco Computer Science Student Testimonial photo

Ezrial Ciriaco, MSCS '21
Consultant, Booz Allen Hamilton

“Participating in Fordham's M.S. in Computer Science program is probably one of the best decisions I made in my academic career. The curriculum not only reinforced the technical skills I already possessed, but further enriched them with soft skills needed to be successful in the cybersecurity consulting industry. The various course offerings allowed me to customize my experience and build the skills that are crucial in my field, from project management to cybersecurity and data analytics. One of my favorite aspects of the program is the option to do it concurrently with your undergraduate degree as part of the Accelerated MSCS program, which allowed me to earn my M.S. only one year after achieving my B.S. in Computer Science. This program even prepared me for the COVID-19 job market by making me a desirable candidate for companies, helping me land two job offers before graduation with no prior internship experience. I am truly grateful for this program and I can’t recommend it enough.”

Evans Owusu Computer Science Student Testimonial photo

Evans Owusu, MSCS ‘21
Software Engineer

“As a Software Engineer and a recent graduate from Fordham University’s M.S. in Computer Science program, I highly recommend this degree. In fact, selecting Fordham’s MSCS program has turned out to be my best academic decision so far. The MSCS curriculum is designed to cover all areas of computer science, which essentially equips its students with the necessary skill set to excel in the field. The flexibility of the program allowed me to explore various areas of computer science, and my faculty advisor served as a great guide once I identified my focus areas. Upon completing my degree, I felt confident to pursue careers in software engineering, machine learning, artificial intelligence and big data engineering. I strongly believe that the variety of computer science courses at Fordham are incredibly powerful and industry centered and are taught by notable experienced professors who have many years of industry experience. The exposure to these professors allows students to grow their network and learn from the best in the field. In addition to the phenomenal professors, I had the ability to connect with peers that contributed to my continued growth in the field. During my time in the program, I completed two internships that allowed me to put my studies to practice. The required capstone project also played a major role in preparing me for my current position. In fact, I was offered two roles a couple days before graduation and I owe it all to the industry-level class projects and courses from Fordham’s MSCS program.”