CIS Special Programs

The computer and information sciences department participates in a number of special programs. Each such program is briefly described below and is linked to more detailed information.

  • Accelerated 5-Year MS Program
    This program enables a student to earn a Master’s degree in computer science along with his/her BA or BS in computer science, in five years.
  • Interdisciplinary Degree in Information Systems
    This degree program combines coursework from business, computer/information science, and the liberal arts. This program should not be confused with the information systems major offered by the CIS department at the Westchester campus.
  • 3-2 Engineering Program
    CS majors in the 3-2 program at Fordham take six courses offered by other departments at Fordham in order to satisfy the equivalents of the Columbia courses required of all majors and seven courses in the computer science department at Fordham.