Interdisciplinary Degree in Information Systems

The Computer and Information Sciences department participates in an interdisciplinary degree in information systems. The information systems degree program is an interdisciplinary major that combines courses in business, computer and information science, and the liberal arts. This degree is available through Fordham's School of Professional and Continuing Studies (PCS).

This degree program should not be confused with the major in information systems offered by the CIS department at Fordham's Westchester location.

There are three groups of courses that the student in this major has to complete. The courses in each of these groups are listed below, but please check the most recent catalog for the School of Professional and Continuing Studies to ensure you have the most up-to-date information (course descriptions for the business group can be found under the Gabelli School of Business section of the catalog).

Computer Science Group

  • CSEU 1600 - Computer Science I
  • CSEU 2200 - Data Structures
  • CSEU 2201 - Systems Analysis
  • CSEU 3300 - Internet and Web Programming

Economics Group

  • ECEU 1100 - Basic Macroeconomics
  • ECEU 1200 - Basic Microeconomics
  • ECEU 2140 - Statistics

Business Group

  • ACBU 2222 - Introduction to Financial Accounting
  • MGBU 3223 - Principles of Management
  • MKBU 3225 - Marketing Principles

In addition, two electives must be selected from a preselected list of courses (see the catalog for this list). Students wishing to major in information systems must complete at least one-half of the required courses at Fordham. All transfer courses must first be approved by the director before students are accepted into the program.