Philosophy Department Life

Philosophy faculty in a workshop.

The philosophy department at Fordham strives to foster an active and welcoming philosophical community. The following organizations and events are just some of the ways in which we cultivate student collaboration, encourage student and faculty interaction, promote interaction with philosophers from outside of the Fordham community, and enhance the scholarly life of the department.

The philosophy department sponsors regular lecture series that bring in eminent philosophers from the NYC area and beyond. Recent lecturers include Judith Butler, Philip Kitcher, and Christine Korsgaard.

Workshops and Reading Groups
The Fordham philosophy department hosts or is associated with numerous workshops and reading groups, many of which give students the opportunity to interact with philosophers outside of Fordham.

Conferences and Symposia
Fordham regularly hosts philosophy conferences, many of which are open to the public. Recent conferences include the 4th Derrida Today Conference and Minds, Bodies, and Souls (sponsored by the Society of Christian Philosophers). In addition, the Fordham Philosophical Society organizes and hosts biannual graduate symposia and biennial graduate philosophy conferences. The former give Fordham students the opportunity to present original work in a relaxed professional environment. The latter bring in graduate students from outside of Fordham and feature keynote speakers. Past speakers include Stephen Darwall and Alain Badiou.

Fordham Philosophical Society
Created and organized by students, the Fordham Philosophical Society (FPS) fosters the professional development of students in the philosophy program. Its mission is to support and further the scholarly endeavors of students by coordinating conferences and reading groups and by representing students before the Graduate Student Association and the philosophy faculty.