Karen Siedlecki

Dr. Karen Siedlecki

Associate Professor of Psychology
Curriculum Vitae

Email: [email protected]

Rose Hill Campus: Dealy 338
Phone: 718-817-3882

Lincoln Center Campus: Leon Lowenstein, Room 609G
Phone: 212-636-7891

Lab: Fordham Memory and Aging Lab

Keywords: aging, episodic memory, autobiographical memory, cognition, well-being

Currently accepting students.

    • 1999 Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Psychology, Cum Laude, Colgate University
    • 2004 Master of Arts, University of Virginia
    • 2006 Doctor of Philosophy in Cognitive Psychology, University of Virginia
      • Dissertation Title: The structure of episodic memory and the retrieval of information across the adult lifespan.
    • Age-related differences in cognition
    • Differences between normal and pathological aging
    • Subjective well-being and life satisfaction across the adult lifespan
    • The structure of memory and differences between verbal and visual-spatial memory
    • Individual differences in autobiographical memory
    • PSYC 1000 - Introduction to Psychology
    • PSYC 2010 - Research Methods Laboratory
    • PSYC 2401 - Memory Laboratory