Leah Feuerstahler

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Assistant Professor of Psychology
Curriculum Vitae

Email: [email protected]

Rose Hill Campus: Dealy Hall, Room 218
Phone: 718-817-3788

    • 2011 BS in Psychology
    • 2015 MS in Statistics
    • 2016 PhD in Quantitative/Psychometric Methods
    • Item Response Theory
    • Psychometric Model Specification, Fit, and Interpretation
    • Nonparametric Methods
    • Bayesian Statistics
  • Undergraduate

    • PSYC 2000 Statistics


    • PSYC 5100 Psychometric Theory
    • PSYC 6802 Introduction to Psychological Statistics
    • PSYC 7920 Item Response Theory
    • PSYC 7940 Bayesian Statistics
  • Feuerstahler, L. M., & Wilson, M. (in press). Scale alignment in the between-items multidimensional partial credit model. Applied Psychological Measurement.  

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    Feuerstahler, L. M. (in press). Metric stability in item response models. Multivariate
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    Feuerstahler, L. M. (2019). Metric transformations and the filtered monotonic polynomial IRT model. Psychometrika, 84, 105-123.

    * indicates student co-author

  • Aytürk, E.*, & Feuerstahler, L. M. (2020, September). Fitting propensities of item response theory models. Virtual conference: National Council on Measurement in Education.

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    Leon, M.,* Feuerstahler, L. M., Romero, S., & Rasmussen, A. (2019, June). Susto, PTSD, and Cultural Identity in Mexico and the U.S. In T. Brannon (Chair), Intersections between Social Identity and Psychological Distress. Symposium conducted at the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues, San Diego, California.

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    Feuerstahler, L. M., & Wilson, M. (2017, July). Scale Alignment in Multidimensional Item Response Models. Zurich, Switzerland: International Meeting of the Psychometric Society.

    * indicates student co-author

    • Psychometric Society
    • National Council on Measurement in Education (NCME)